Web Design Review

I’d like a critique on the following designs. What would you change, any additions you would recommend, layout mods, etc.?

Thank you.

Hi there toad78,

I can’t read the text. :wonky:

I think you should test it carefully here…

Color Contrast Checker :winky:


I struggle to read it too. But I think the reasons are that the images have heavy, lossy compression, and are probably of a lower resolution to the original screen capture.
Though I may be wrong about the resolution, that was an assumption based on the size of the text. If that is actual size, it’s too small.
You would get a better review with an actual page, rather than an image of the page, as this would allow us to check usability and responsiveness to differing screen sizes and font sizes, as well as being a clearer image.

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their right toad78, you’ll need to enlarge the font size, the text can’t read properly… you need to adjust the fonts and make the images more smaller.


These are just image mockups. Nothing more. So no matter what device you look at it, it will always be different. My request is if the color scheme and layout seems decent.

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