Do you still pay attention to PR(pagerank)?

So, what I mean by this - do you still pay attention to the PR of a website? Or do you think its not as important as it used to be? Especially since the buying and selling links have really taken a toll on the internet - especially for webmasters who want to milk the system and use a high PR as a way of selling links, but what do you think?

Is your site’s PR has important to you, as your rankings, and traffic is?

Nope, and never have. What matters is where you appear in the rankings for relevant search terms, and how much traffic you get as a result. Unless your sole business is predicated on giving links from a high PR site (which is not a business I want to see around), it’s pretty much irrelevant, just one factor out of 200.

Yes i do and i believe that PR matters, even you can see that if your site have low PR, some directories won’t allow you to submit your URL in their directories. Google also give more preference to high PR sites and its crawler visit those sites almost daily which have high PR.

I am not sure why people give a lot of importance to PR. What does it help in exactly i don’t know. I have seen websites that are ranking for competitive keywords on the top positions which do not have any PR. So why do they appear on top is the question. Any good reason behind this?

The PRs you see in the google toolbar are not up-to date, you need a mix or PRs, it is more important that the page is INDEXED by google - so as Stevie D says the PR is not relevant. Google will think it very strange if you have only links from high PR sites. HTHs

Those sites will have links toward them, people have even done experiments showing blank pages that rank when they have some backlinks!

I agree. Thanks for the reply - why do you think some people still care and try to brag about a high PR though? I know the selling of links will eventually get caught by Google, and those that doing it, won’t last long.

I know I care more about rankings, and traffic more than anything.

That’s a bit the chicken/egg argument isn’t it, since google is the one who set the PR for the website in the first place :slight_smile:

Personally I couldn’t care less about PR. In itself it doesn’t say anything; it’s just a number.
Once PR becomes a goal in itself you’re doing something wrong.

PR may have mattered much more years ago then it does now. Personally, I could care less. Beside bragging rights, selling high PR sites, it has no effect whatsoever for me or my rankings.

For the same reason that people still open attachments and links from emails entitled “from UR BANK - U must open this NOW!!!”

Too many people are stupid, gullible or both…

I couldn’t agree more. I still do care about PR though but not really my focus.

I think for everyone who owns or manages a website, at the back of our heads we hope that all the SEO tool numbers say what they promise to mean. But truth is most often they’re not up to date, and yes, there’s the case of bought links-- totally spam sites creeping up to Page 6!

I for one still do check/ consider PRs, but I agree and do the same with some people here-- the consideration is minimal. I put my effort more in having links where there’s real potential market, and where real communication and conversion may occur. A high PR would just then be a consequence.

yeah page rank still are important, page rank is such a sophisticated technology that could not expire, as this is used for web page authority calculation.

Could you explain to us how PR is still important?

Where did you pull that [less then professional word here] out of?
Seriously…that is the biggest load of…cough

:nono: People… sigh There should be a test before one can leave replies in this forum.

No, because all that matters is how you rank for certain keywords… You could have a great page rank and not rank for a targeted keyword… What good is that?

I would like to share my personal experience regarding this thing.
I was doing SEO of some keywords of a web site which have 5 PR, and i was surprised to see that all the keywords ranked quite easily.
Now a days am working on a new web site which have zero PR and am feeling difficulty to rank its keywords. Most of directories denied submission by saying this that “We do not accept sites less than 2 PR”. So from SEO point of view PR do matter.
PR simply showing worth of site and it depends upon number of back links, domain age of your site and some other such factors.More PR simply means more trust.

Uh. No it does not mean “more trust” PageRank has nothing to do with “trust”.

Absolutely. Spammers can get really high pagerank too.

For me it doesn’t really matters. I don’t need to get a high pagerank to rank well in SERPs. What matters is where you appear in the rankings for relevant search terms, and how much traffic you get as a result.