Facebook and Twitter Post Marketing

I am doing Social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter. If anybody marked there, links which are posted on Facebook and twitter are no-follow.

But still it is most used in Social Media. What is use of this type of post?

1 billion people use Facebook. A few hundred million use Twitter. Tens of millions pinterest. Thousands per forum. Search is great for reaching people who are looking but that’s just a fraction of the market, don’t confuse yourself by limiting your marketing too it.

I am also doing a lot of post in my twitter and facebook , and I am happy because all of my friends can be able to read my post. I can receive many comments that makes me happy, I can have my social life with this two great sites facebook and twitter.

Yes this is true that on Facebook and Twitter posted links are nofollow, but my friend lots of users on Facebook and Twitter are online daily and read the links and post that you update it. These social media websites are very friendly and specifically used for getting visitors and traffic on websites.

You can read more information about Twitter here http://www.chrisbrogan.com/50-ideas-on-using-twitter-for-business/. Probably this article can help you.

I am using both twitter and facebook for promotion for my products. I know it gives no-follow links but the traffic rate through these websites are High. I mean i am getting huge traffic from these website.

Even though FB & TW return no-follow links, it’s all about monetizing the relevancy between channels, and having a clear relationship between your website and social profiles are always a win. Here’s a good article on the topic

It’s funny how web marketing used to be about building links so that people would follow them, and now all anyone cares about is link building to improve SEO, don’t forget humans still use bits of the web besides Google!

Seems like a lot of people forget that the reason for SEO is to bring visitors to websites, not for visitors to bring search engines. I think you and I are going to get along just fine. Looking forward to see more of your posts here. It’s refreshing to bring humans into the conversation and ‘turn the tables’. :smiley:

There is an article about SEO and Twitter. http://dailyseotip.com/twitter-and-seo/2027/

Posting on social media sites bring visitors to your website/blog, the more you post over social sites more is the chance of visitors to visit your website/blog but remember that content should be unique and interesting to convert temporary visitors into permanant.

Now social media become a Business point.I am utilizing my twitter and facebook account for a campaign my blog and website. it is very helpful for me to come a lot of visitor my sites.

Advertising on social media sites can easily increase the number of visitors. This the best tool for marketing and to boost our business profits. Most of the successful business owners are using Facebook and Twitter and some of them also include Pinterest!!

Posting on Facebook and Twitter is the cheapest way to make it possible for new clients/users that have an interest in what you’re doing/offering to find you. They’re not used for the links but to form new relationships. :slight_smile:

I like Facebook and Twitter post marketing. By this way i share many of things to others. Personal sharing, answers & questions, link build up, live chat and many of product marketing by this way. This is also good way for promote of various companies.