Face book or twitter


I want to do some marketing through social networks like facebook or twitter. Which one is more effective and fast?


I think you should do both. From my experience, it really just depends on what kind of following you have on either social networking website.

For me, I have a larger following on Facebook than I do on Twitter, so I ended up getting more attention from Facebook because of that.

Personally! i have experienced both of them! I found Facebook can be used as long time marketing tool however Twitter is used for short time form of marketing

I’d vote for Facebook because it has more users and more options to pay to advertise to users there - but with either method - it takes time to build a following and get friends to recommend you to their friends…so I’m not so sure how “fast” you’re going to get more business with either.

Ultimately though, you need to be where your prospects are, so it’s probably best to use them both to some extent.


Ok ok… you’ve asked a big question but without the most important piece of information – your goal.

Facebook has a large ad platform (twitter has just started on that) so if you’re looking to ‘advertise’ and drive direct response sales that’s definitely an option but really not the best way to utilize a social channel. The benefit of social is in brand engagement, awareness, and viral spread, all of which leads to eventual traffic / sales / conversions but not necessarily right away. As others have said, you want to build a network that fosters relationships and gains attention. That takes time and unless you plan to invest heavily, can be a lot of time, but extremely potent for the long term.

So again, it all depends on your goals and if you can explain those, we can all provide more advice.

Why does it always have to be one social network VS another, Twitter and Facebook aren’t in competition, they have totally different aims and provide different services to a different audience. Consider using both of them to socialize and gain an audience, then you’ll have multiple sources of feedback. Saying you should use one over the other is like saying “Don’t get your website indexed by Google, use Bing instead”, it’s illogical to discriminate against services. :slight_smile:

Sometimes it’s a case of one step at a time though Alex… ie if you only have time to focus on one to begin with, which is going to pay dividends the fastest…?

Well in that case it depends on your audience, if you are appealing to the average internet user then Facebook (something like 1/3 of the online population use it), if you however want to appeal more to techies who want immediate conversations and interaction, Twitter has the fastest overall impact. :slight_smile:

i am sure you should make both! they are different and efficiant but in different ways.
On twitter are able to follow many people. so when you will post your news or updates many people will know about them. it’s very useful because it saves you time
On facebook you are able to post screenshots or links (i dont knoiw what you are going to promote) and to organize groups, find people…
so be activ and use both!

i do both :slight_smile: they are more popular now so i do focus on them both