How to use social media?

Create a presence for your website/yourself on facebook and twitter. Create a well designed welcome page for your facebook fan page and motivate your website readers to be fan of your facebook page

Profile creation on social media networks like face book, twitter, stumbleupon and adding more picture to attract visitors will be helpful to get more traffic to our webpages. Marketing of products or services through the social media networks called as social media optimization.

I 'm currently working on a client’s Facebook fanpage and Im wondering how best to use it .

Hey Starworld:

Its not guarantee that traffic come form social media.Yeah,Social media websites are effective for SEO but We can’t say that they provide you huge traffic.I suggest you Two website
1 - Mashable
2- Socialmediaexaminer

This two websites are awesome.They are perfect in their work.They have qualified author’s.Who write the thousands articles per/day.You imaging

I’m heating more and more talk about Facebook "Like"s and Twitter TR or @mentions being similar to acquiring an inbound link. That is one thing I focus on when doing social media.

Social media takes a little time if you want to do it the right way. It is just like forums, where you interact with other users and eventually promote them something. On twitter, you can use the search feature to look for targeted customers whereas facebook takes a little more time to build your fan page and promote it through your fan page.

It’s just a way to bring a lot of traffic to your website nothing else . Well in my opinion you have to connect your all social media together and encourage your visitors to post something and to take part in your discussion.

You can try this method to start social media optimization. Social media provides a facility to add content to itself. You can perform different tasks and can add different content like social news, questions, polls creation, sharing images and videos, user rating, community creation, page and blog creation, RRS feeds, sharing buttons and many more.

We use social media by promoting our brand/products. We try to help people who ask questions regarding the niche and send a link to our site as well.

Currently, it helps on bringing some relevant traffic.

Social media optimization can also help in improving SEPR position. Mainly Search engine expert use two method to improve any website SEPR position. One is SEO and another is SMO… Facebook fan page can help in this, similarly twitter also help in improving SEPR position.

Links from social media, although they are no follow, help Google discover and index new content. Including sharing buttons on your pages and promoting them on social media sites can help get your pages into the index faster.

Social Media should be considered for Brand Awareness. That should be your first goal.

Use social media outlets like facebook ,twitter,myspace ,linkedIn etc as a virtual “word of mouth” writing about your site and build a following.This will eventually lead in high traffic to your site.You can also get a dofollow quality backlink from LinkedIN easily and you have Ad Campaigns and Groups to help you further your business there.

First you have to register in social media site like facebook, twiter. After creating the account, you can share whatever you want to share or you can add followers by accepting follower.

Some websites will benefit from social sharing and some that will not. It depends. Some content is very viral and some is just not.

Curious if you all feel that social bookmarking is as beneficial as the social media sites?

A good question, and the answer is also simple. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc are very useful in SEO. For example Facebook pages had made a good impact in generating huge audience to websites and its really a good marketing platform.

Regardless of the social media that you are using, nofollow or dofollow, you have to get the people’s attention for you to generate traffics to your site.

Twitter and Facebook are the best social networking sites if your goal is to get more traffic directed towards your website. Create a page for your website. Post regularly. Being active is the most important thing while using social profiles. Also update the contents of the page regularly.

Social media is the place where you can expect traffic and not backlinks. Thanks. :slight_smile: