Social Media is enough for driving traffic?

Hello guys,

Hope someone will give me good guidance. I have a website which I built recently. Now I would like to drive traffic on it. But I am bit confused. Is social media enough to drive traffic. Or should I try for another link building tactics?

Please let me know. Thanks!

I would suggest that social media is just a part of your plan. Don’t rely on it entirely.
People seem to miss the basics these days and assume everyone on social media will engage with everything. Write decent content or have decent information. Back that information up with references to gain trust. Utilise as much as possible of the tools out there to improve your site. Check your site is valid, mobile friendly, fast. Add rich snippets if you can. Try and make it simple to navigate. Make it easy to read - look into how to present text in the most readable format. There are simple things like line lengths should be around 55-75 characters etc. Use heading tags <h1></h1> etc to organise your page.

The more simple things you get right the more you will get and retain users.


Social media help driving traffic to your website, but it’s not enough.
For example:-
You can share your link into social media and get more traffic, till when?
if you stop posting on social media, then your website traffic automatically down and down.
But if you put quality content of your webpage then it gives genuine traffic as long time without any social media sharing.

What kind of a site is it? About what?

Of course, it is enough if you are doing it in the right way. Social media marketing has become one of the most driven tools to increase the traffic to any website. If you are doing it in the right way no one can stop you generating a great traffic. Write compelling content regarding your website on different social media sites. You can take help from professional content writers who have the knowledge of SEO and how to toggle your contents in the top of search bars. You can find professional writers from content selling websites which have helped a large number of websites to attain just the required the traffic with the right kind of social media marketing contents.

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Let’s be careful with this suggestion :slight_smile: Social Media marketing is a HUGE field and you really need to differentiate. If you are talking about the most important social media marketing channel (FB / Instagram) you have to be aware of that social media marketing works great while you are small, as you grow, your engagement falls and FB throttles your reach. If you get to a large size (say 10K + followers) then your organic FB reach is only about 1% (typically), so even though you have 10K followers only 100 may see your post organically. Beyond this you have to boost your post and FB ads become expensive. Also, NEVER pay for followers. The most important metric on FB is engavement, so it’s better to have less followers but have them engage with your content.

If your brand is visual (ex: you sell beautiful plates) then Pinterest may be your best avenue. Everything depends. Google Ads are still typically better from an ROI perspective once you cross a certain size threshold.

Like FB, Twitter, Linked, G+ and so on.

Okey! I will try for it then. Let’s see what progress I can achieve. Thanks!

I would like to enlighten that Social media is just a part of bringing in traffic. There are several other methods which need to be applied for more traffic. Some are:

-Link Building thorugh forums

  • Question and answers from various similar websites
  • social bookmarking
    -Brand profile creation etc

Please don’t try that here - it’s a sure way to have your account banned. This forum - like many others - is for discussion, not self-promotion.

I am well aware of that. I just mentioned it for others to know that Forum answering is also one of the way of link building provided the Forums allow.

That’s the part which is missing from your original reply.

You may be well aware that we do not allow it, but others reading your post may not have taken the time to read the FAQs thoroughly. It’s best to be as clear as possible.

You can try other link building tactics in addition to using social media. To make sure your efforts will yield results, do not forget to pay attention to your website content. Make sure you provide your target audience with relevant and engaging content and make your website mobile friendly.

Social media one of the best way to generate traffic but for huge traffic social media is not enough. For huge traffic also perform SEO, SEM and SMO.