How to use social media?


I am an SEO executive. We have some good policies about search engine optimization techniques but still are confused about the proper usage of social media. I know they are very helpful in SEO but we do not know to use them.

Please help me in this. Your thoughts will be welcomed.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Social media is only use for getting good and quality traffic for your site. Just register in social media sites and start posting quality contents of your site there. You can also participate in related discussions.

Hmmm… not sure if this thread should go here or in the social media forum… As rahulteak, social media drives traffic to your site as well as backlinks (when these are visible, sometimes you need to log in to see the links) and it is getting so important that Google is adding this social media effect to its search results formula.

But the real importance of social media goes beyond SEO, it is a channel to interact with your clients, friends, family, etc. If you use social media only to drive traffic, it will not work that well. People expect to be answer pretty quickly, like a call to customer support or something (well, not that immediate but sort of).

So it is a good tool to answer customer’s questions, promote offers and spread news to people that already like your company and thus you already have a nice level of trust and will possibly buy something from you… as well as to get new public that like what they see with the advantage of seeing it first hand because they see you how you talk to other people.

Create a business profile in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Add more friends. Share and publish some offers related to business. If your link gets more likes or shares, they will be published in Search Engine’s SERP. If you have more friends automatically your site gets more popular and traffic increases.

Most of the social links are nofollow…but if you have high quality content which can drive target traffic that’s worth doing

Though social media does not give benefits to pagerank but it is good strategy to get targeted traffic. You can create you fan page or group by your keywords and encourage peoples to visit your site. Try to make more friends, regularly post something interesting. Tag your friends in photos, Post through your page profile on other popular pages related to yours.

Some useful tips while use SMO social media optimization

  1. One of the best ways to bring social media to your website is adding your Twitter stream.

  2. Setting up your website with Facebook Connect is another great way to increase visitor engagement, as well as encourage your visitors to share content from your website on Facebook.

  3. Your website should be a centralized hub for everything by and related to your brand on the Internet. Incorporate your Twitter and Facebook content.

  4. One of the best ways to promote your website is to encourage your visitors to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, Digg and other social sharing sites.

5)Whether you are live streaming a press announcement, conference or event, or just a typical day in the office, bringing live video to your site can be a great way to drive traffic and engage your visitors.

6)One of the best ways to bring social media to your website is by making your website itself social and encourage visitors to connect with one another.

7)Although social media is incredibly important for site owners to incorporate into their web content, it can be easy to get carried away and take it too far. You want to make sure that you are including only relevant social media sources on your website.

There are so many famous social media sites. But i like to share my experience here. I always get good amount of traffic via twitter and Facebook. But remember that in order to get more traffic you have to remain very active there. I made groups and fan pages on fackbook and suggest them to my friends and advertise themas much as i can. Similarly most of my tweets are later re tweeted at twitter. Be simple and natural, don’t always promote your links. Just participate as a normal guy and soon people start trusting on you, then you can advertise your links as well.

There are many social media which are useful to increase traffic of your site such as facebook,twitter,linkdin,myspace.First of all u have to registered on it and then post ur relevant content and make new friends .

Social media like Twitter, facebook, are your new marketing place… a bit differ to SEO…

Social Media sites are the ones which has the majority of traffic when compared to the rest of them. Sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin are the best sources of Social Media Optimization. Updating new contents, interacting with people, Liking, Tweeting, Commenting, etc can fetch traffic to your site.

I think using social media sites can only get you additional traffic to your website. But not for SEO and link building. You can maybe use it for backlinks, but thats all.

I would like to give you few suggestions.
If your username is same as your services then it would be more beneficial for you.
Don’t make your profile spammy with too much of promotional posts.

Social media is the best tool for free advertisement of your products or business. So do your promotions on social sites by joining more & more friends, groups, communities etc. & it will help in driving more traffic for your site.

Hey starworld,

I think that all of us are sharing the opinion, that social media is getting more and more important. In general search engines will notice social media action and you are able to increase your traffic.
But be careful, social media should be used first of all to COMMUNICATE and not to ADVERTISE. If you want to use social media for your customers, think about which media you want to use for each customer …

regarding SEO, there is an interesting infochart I would like to share …
How Can You Improve Your SEO With Social Media Links? [INFOGRAPHIC] - Jan Haarhoff

People today are spending more time on social sites so promoting our site on these sites can be much beneficial. It can drive new customers & help us to reach out maximum users with minimal efforts.

Don’t forget about Yahoo Answers! Sure it is no follow but Yahoo still uses it when ranking websites.

Social bookmarking may be very helpful for you if you are bookmarking your site pages there.But best way is to create a profile there and then participate there.

Social bookmarking is a way to promote your website among many people do more activity at social networking site comment to other share your valuable comment not just post your link will enough

Social media sites are very Useful in SEO. Its not just about driving traffic to your site, but from the name itself you can understand its about making social network by making friends, sharing knowledge and information you have. If you use it in this way, it will help a lot in your SEO work.