How To Generate Traffic for website using social media

i want to generate more traffic for my website usin facebook,twitter socail website.

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Welcome to the forums, @skyzone.

There was a recent discussion on this subject, which you might find useful: How to increase our site traffic with SMO?

If you want more specific suggestions, then please provide a little more information; for example, which niche your site is in; who constitutes your target audience (age, location), what you’ve tried so far, and with what results.

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To get flood of traffic with social media you must have something about your business to post at your business page or profile. The post must have quality and uniqueness in itself.

First you should start a facebook fan page for your website. Then try to get more likes and post in regularly, you can drive more traffic if you have many facebook likes
Start a official twitter account to your site and tweet regularly and follow niche followers , you can drive more traffic

For generate traffic by using social media is some how difficult, because I think if requires full time job.
Social Media is also known as online branding so you should know well that in which area you need to target and what is your niche.

You can post hot topics on social websites daily basic and increase your engagement.

You can create your list of followers, tell them to like your page. Or you can also use Paid ads by Facebook to drive more targeted traffic.

And what would you consider to be a “hot topic” that would inspire people to visit the OP’s website? They haven’t returned to provide more information, such as what niche their site is in, so what kind of “hot topic” do you think would be suitable for all businesses?

I ask because I’m genuinely interested. I don’t use social media myself, but I would have thought it is quite a personal thing, yet I see people here repeatedly making this kind of vague, sweeping, “one-size-fits-all” statement, and I really want to know how that would work.

You are absolutely right @Keerthirathna, If you have more facebook likes you get more Reach on your fanpage. But you must have to updated regular basis on all your social media accounts.

Only genuine content may create huge traffic for you. Write who rest of world do not provide to audience on social media. Write viral content but it should be authentic and trustworthy.
Only content marketing may gather traffic for your website now these days.

Perhaps you could explain more fully how to do that? I’m sure most users of social media would love to have a post “go viral”, but very few achieve that. Please share your knowledge of how it is done - and how it helps to drive traffic to your site.

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Hi there! Here’s what you can do to generate traffic for your business through social media:

  1. Create quality contents about your business or anything related to it that will give readers an idea that your website/business exist online.

  2. Post these contents in your site as well as your social media account to amplify your reach. Just make sure you are targeting the right followers and you are giving something that is worthwhile to be read or checked out.

  3. Make a video about your business post this video through social media as well.

I’ve been giving out this same tips time and again as these are the things I’ve been doing in the past and I’m happy to say that it worked for me. Now I’m hoping these same stuff will work for you as well if you choose to consider my suggestion…:slight_smile:

Hope this helps!:slight_smile:

Now a days social media website is working best. Content is the king now. If you can use unique, grammar error free content you can get much traffic from social media.

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I want to ask about the budget of your social media campaign.

Actually, you have to get the viral factor or at least few thousand active followers for a successful campaign. I still remember, back in 2013, I have created multiple fb pages and created about 300$ each week. But right now, social media is junked upto neck.

If you know programming, try to built a bot, that can do the job for you.
If you have money, hire a social media marketing company or directly advertise on fb or other SM platforms.
If you have nothing, sit tight on seat, try to increase the fanbase by providing proper time and building up resources.

This blog post will help you.

Post unique images in your facebook page. Dont post about your service only, give more general information also… Target right audiences and joined in more relevant groups…

Hope this use…

I want to more traffic on my website through social media
it’s all about entertainments site. & how create backlinks

Welcome to the forums, @evelynray94. You will find your questions have been answered many times, in this and other threads in the Social Media and Marketing sections of the forums. Please have a look around there, and ask again if you have any more-specific questions which remain unanswered.

You have need share your website link many FB group. Crate a effective back link relevant site. I am sure you get huge traffice for your website.
Thank you for asking this question.