How to increase Youtube view faster..?

Hey all…! I have created some videos marketing and upload to YouTube. After, a month I got around 600+ viewed of my whole videos. Did anyone have some I idea to increase more traffic to YouTube videos…?

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Submit your video to many social website.or paid advertise.

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Try websyndic just create your account and submit your video url and wait for the approval when approved then distribute your earned credit to your video url after doing all the traffic will be delivered to your video, hence views will be increase.

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Hi basicblogtalk,

If you are willing to spend money on videos’ views, you can do so by Youtube’s Display Network Advertising. This is by investing money through ads. However, if you are not, then you will really have to push through and double your effort in sharing your videos.

What are the most common topics in your videos? Are you advertising your own site/business or are you doing some informative videos/tutorials? Usually, your strategy will be depending on your video contents.

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In Google there are so many video promotion websites are available.By using that all video promotion websites,you could increase the view of your all videos.And another one Social medias should more help to collect more number of views to your videos.Just share your video URL in all social media profiles and video promotion websites.

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promote your videos in other free/paid video promoting site and you can also share your videos in your facebook or twitter account ith your friends by this you can able to get traffic in your video.

Best ways to promote your video

  1. Lots of shares on FB/TWITTER/G+ and other social networks. If you get some social traffic, YT will make an organic boost to your video
  2. Make sure your keywrods and tags are all fine, also include additional keywords in description
  3. You can invest in youtube ads
  4. you can buy Views / comments / likes / favorites / subscribers - PM me for that
  5. you can pray VERY hard :wink:

Share your videos on Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc… Also there are several videos sharing website available on the web where you can share your videos and get good traffic.

I have some good experience with being active on forums specificly for YouTubers. This is also the place where I got my initial subscribers for my main channel, too.

You can also do bookmarking of your video to increase traffic towards it. Yes, social media sites are always remains at the top to share things. Through blogging also you can promote your video. Make your more seo friendly during giving name and description to the video because it will help to increase visibility of the video in search engine which indirectly increase traffic on the website/webpage

Put your youtube link on social websites, there are many types of social sites like facebook, twitter and linkedin. It may be helpful for you.

You can increase your you tube views from


It’s better to create an interesting video that go viral :slight_smile: People will love to watch and share it. But if you want to promote your current video, you can buy youtube ads. Or you simply to submit it on other video channels as well as your social channels.

If you have a video tutorial you can submit it on how-to websites. Please tell me more about your video, I can give you some suitable websites to submit.

video quality must good, Submit your video to many social website.or paid advertise.
good luck!

you can go through buying youtube follower and like to make your site ranked in min time.

[B][I]Although this is the most obvious thing to ensure you have optimized properly, it is usually the thing that I see is causing peoples videos not getting the attention they deserve.


There are several ways to increase your youtube views and subscribers.
Here are some of the methods : Ask for Subscribers, Use Annotations, Add a YouTube Widget and More to Your Blog, Leverage Featured Channels, Consistently Interact with viewers, Create a Payoff.
This will definately gain you more viewers. And other easy and definately working tips is to get paid views.
You can even get 10000 views per days using paid views.
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Your gievn website is good I also found a good website and there you can buy youtube likes, facebook likes and etc. For all this you need to view it <snip>

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I suggest that Name your video file with relevant keywords before you upload to YouTube .Title your movie with catchy keywords AND BE SURE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH.Fill out the video description with at least 2 - 3 paragraphs of text .Put all the keywords from the title and description in the “tags” section . Share your video with all your friends - quickly . That are the basic idea you must follow that idea and you will get sucess easily .

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To increase You tube view you can adopt following points :
. Annotations are an effective tool
. Be as consistent as possible in everything you do
. TentPole Programming