How to increase Youtube view faster..?

Subscribing to other users can help you get more views. Of course if you want to cheat your way to views, you can use a browser with auto-refresh but eventually the view count will get stuck.

To increase the youtube view faster post the video on social networking sites…Post url link of the youtube video in the sites…Promote it…

try getting the add this button, or share this, i think both have over 300 social media button sites.

Hi, a service you might look into is called The service distributes your video to blogs, mobile apps, and Facebook games.

If you’re not looking for paid advertising, you can always go through social media (FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +), or even post in free ad services, such as Craigslist.

Total solution

For real views: use facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, blogs

For unreal views: use traffic exchange

Make a good title for your video and share it social media sites. This will help you to get more viewer for your video.