Youtube = best or one of the best

I’ve noticed that since I started promoting my site on youtube + making videos to promote myself that way as well that my views are up almost 200% on my blog. This is just starting out on youtube as I’m new and not exactly that great.

1.1k channel views = Only place my link is. Once in my profile.
10.3k video views = I want to hit 10 million views in 2 years.
Time = 2 months
Daily video views = 200+ roughly

I’m not even that great on camera, but just some tips guys. You won’t start out with a million viewers right away, but you can work up to it. I’m seeing that Youtube has a very fast growth rate on views.

Don’t upload copyrighted material. You’ll get fast views, but no potential for earnings.

Wow! Your video marketing sounds good, I tried posting a video in the youtube but I failed to got 200% visitor increase. :frowning: