Youtube video views promise, is this legit?

this person is promising 800 unique views of a youtube video:

i’m assuming that the more views your video gets, the more search-engine-friendly it becomes.

how does this person do it? is there a catch i should be concerned about? do search engines know and consider it black hat?

please advise. thanks in advance.

There are many sites that offer legit YouTube views (I am unsure how a fiverr user could do it though, they probably do it through one of these YouTube view sites (I think EnhanceViews is one).

The idea of these sites is to boost your video views, meaning its more likely to appear in YouTube/Google search results as they generally favour and display results based on view count (by default). Don’t expect these views to convert into anything though and im sure these websites are against YouTube TOS.

youtube automatically freezes all video’s views at around 300, but the rest show up in a day or two.

It should be obvious that paying to game the outcome is “blackhat” and not going to get you people who particularly care about the video, share it, comment, etc. That doesn’t mean YouTube will catch you over 800 views but that also doesn’t mean it will do anything for you. 800 or 3000 is not much of anything and while YouTube does use views in rankings, the system is much more than just one dimension.

This is not related.
How does it do it: instead of promoting a site he is promoting a video. There is no catch as long as he deliver what he promised.