How to get more views on Vimeo videos?

Share your tips for promoting videos on Vimeo and to get more views on Vimeo video?

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That’s a rather vague question. I’m sure if you do a quick search - both here and the Internet generally - you’ll find a great deal of information. For example, we have this topic:

To avoid us giving you irrelevant advice, or duplicating things you already know, perhaps you could give us some more information. What niche are your videos in? What techniques have you already tried to promote them, and how successful were these?

Use social media sites to spread your content/video

Share your content to pinterest, social media websites, forums and do social bookmarking

I would caution against using forums for self-promotion (unless they have a section for that purpose, of course). Forums are a place for discussion, and trying to divert topics to promote your site or videos is unlikely to win you any friends and may even result in a ban.

Unless anybody has any new ideas for promotion, it seems this topic has run its course.

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Thanks. I have done it

Hi, thank you for your important question. You know that maximum social media marketer facing this problem. In this case I’m just telling you share your Vimeo video link Facebook, twitter, G+, Linkedin, interest, my spec, using auto refresh plugin in your browser. Sending mail and say view your video. There are many ways you have shared your link.

You should share your Vimeo Videos in different social media sites, like facebok, stumbleupon, Twitter etc,then you will get more likes as well as more views for your uploaded video. If you want you can hire a SEO expert.

You just have to do a usual linkbuilding process and then add social media in it. Of course, you have to have a catchy and interesting video!

I am totally agree with you, but you missed some other popular site like. Whiteout, Pocket, Digg, Reddit, Tumblr, some answer and questioning site.

To increase videos views in vimeo you must bookmark them using social bookmarking sites list having high page rank websites in it. Thanks.

PageRank is calculated per page, not per site, so while the home page of many of these sites may well have a high PR, internal pages are unlikely to rank highly. Additionally, as many of these sites mark external links as “nofollow”, the PageRank is irrelevant.

Use vimeo links to submit in another sites to increase views.

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Create an interesting video that is relatively relevant to your targeted niche, make some social sharings with it and make sure that the video has a very unique and catchy title and description.

Share it on social media and bookmark your videos also put a link on your blogs and website

The question has been answered, and as the replies are becoming repetitive, it appears there’s nothing else to be said. As the OP has never returned, there seems little point in pursuing this.

Thanks to all those who contributed.

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