How to increase website speed?

Hi everyone
how to increase the website speed,
I had tried minimizing CSS/HTML but nothing worked
please give me your suggestion

I would recommend you give this a try:

PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, then generates some very actionable suggestions to make that page faster.

  • The first step is choose a right web hosting Plan from the Hosting Company which is having a Reliable hardware to host your Website.

  • The second step is Enable the ‘Cache’ which improves the performance of the website which loads the pages faster.

  • Thirdly, use different tools to optimize the images used in the website.

  • Fourth, is eliminate the unnecessary comments, extra spaces, lines and breaks in the HTML and CSS which leads to reduce the size of the file

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Increase website speed with the following:

  1. Enable Caching
  2. Reduce size of images
  3. Apply GZIP Compression

What suggestions do you get on

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To increase the website speed you need to do following things:

  1. Improve server response time
  2. Optimize the images
  3. Use a simple website design

To all posters:

Please don’t simply list tasks, with no explanation. That is of little help to a beginner. Please take time to explain what you mean by each suggestion, and how to carry it out.

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if you are using wp then install wp optimization plugin and 2nd go to cpanel compressed gzip compression. i am using this technique in my blog

if you used wordpress, use plugin wp cache and cloudflare, and use gmetrix for your optimize

Compressing the images can help in the faster load time…

  • You can reduce the size of your files to increase your website speed

  • You can use Google’s free tool PageSpeed insights. After analyzing your content, it will give you suggestion about how you can make your website faster.

  • Upgrade Your Web Hosting Plan

  • You should deactivate and delete the Unnecessary Plugins

  • Minimize HTTP Requests

  • Optimise the images on your website

  • Check for broken links on your website

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Thanks to all those who contributed.

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