Can someone optimize my website speed and image optimize

my site speed is too slow. I am used the multiple WordPress plugin but i am not found the beneficial result so can someone optimize my website speed using JavaScript and other technical problem which they found in my site.

need good suggestion thanks

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What have you used to test your site speed? Something like will analyse the site for you and give you guidance on what you need to do, and how.

thanks you so much. it is very beneficial for me. when i enter my site on this pagespeedinsights.

The fact is Wordpress is slow compared to creating your own pages in html. Wordpress is a Content Management System so ALL your content will be stored in, or referenced by the database which causes delays. The more plugins you add will also probably involve more database access and add css and javascript functions and libraries. Wordpress is a great solution for creating sites and especially blogs without having to do much coding.

To speed things up there are a number of plugins you can install temporarily to clean your database and remove revisons that Wordpress creates automatically. There are also plugins that cache your content as pure html. You can experiment with these and see if the advantages of another such plugin outweighs the drawbacks of yet another plugin but as a rule I would only use plugins that are essential.

A dedicated Wordpress hosting service, I am told, can increase delivery speed.

‘Ahrefs’ is primarily an SEO tool but it is great for analysing individual page delivery speeds.

Using a free service such as Cloudflare can increase performance by caching pages and since many people use Wordpress, the large CSS and JS files it uses may already be cached.

Look at identifying exactly which pages are slow and why and then address those issues directly.

I hope these ideas may help.

I think that should be content management system.

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You can disable plugins that arent necessary.