How to improve pagespeed website?

Hello everyone, i have a website: but recently i find out it is very lowly speed. I have found many ways to improve such as reducing image size, reducing redundant code but still not making much progress. So I hope you all have met someone who has given me advice. Thank you so much.

Have you checked it in Gtmetrix or Pagespeed Insights .

You should add expires header code through .htaccess file or enable gzip compression.

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I notice the site is using a validated which makes both mobile and desktop sites render content above the fold very quickly. CDN Caching is also used to improve rendering performance and does not rely on your server’s geographic location or speed. It looks as though the site slowness is due to content…

Perhaps try a low quality hero/splash image at the top of the page and move the amp-image slider further down the page which will help in quickly rendering above the fold content.

Gtmetrix results suggest some minor improvements which may improve performance and must be worth trying.

There are a few points to increase your website page speed:

  1. Compress images or use lightweight images.
  2. Use the cache plugin or coding.
  3. Do not upload a video. Always embed it.
  4. Use Linux hosting.

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I agree with your list items 1 and 2. From various sites tested, optimizing images is by far the most common way to increase a substantial amount of speed. Cacheing static resources makes sense.

I’m guessing you mean how I’d say
“Do not host a video. Always embed it.”

I think better might be
“Ensure media does not delay initial page render.”

Without some context this makes absolutely no sense to me. Not only that, unsubstantiated blanket statements might actually be harmful if not understood. IMHO, best to try and avoid risks by adding as many qualifiers as needed.

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First of all please check website requests. How many requests your website take to upload. Minimize your requests. Second. It you are using images. set proper images size. Create your images with photoshop and save as web and devices. It is very very necessary for your website speed.

Just to be clear, it is important to optimise images for web, but it’s not necessary to use Photoshop - there are plenty of alternatives.

Yes It is right but my dear Sir He is a newbie. He does not know more knowledge about optimization of images.

As the OP has never returned to this thread, there seems little point in reviving it now.

Thanks to all who contributed. Thread closed.

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