How can i improve my site page loading speed?

Pls tell me how can i improve my site page load time???

Try the speed test form google , and than see what make your website slow !!

Google speed page

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few alternative ideas:

  1. If you are targeting advance nations like US, large images maybe fine, but you must use lighter versions for nations like India. Regardless of geo, mobiles version of your content should be light.

  2. Use scripts and functions only when compulsory.

  3. More plugins in wordpress, heavier and slower the site will become.

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Page load time has been discussed frequently and in depth by numerous knowledgeable members.

May I suggest using the search facility to find the relevant topics and raising a new topic on any problems.

Simplest and most important could be working on image size and compressions. I am always spending lot of time while saving for web in photoshop.

A few options:

  1. Regular Cache Clearing
    regularly clearing your browser cache can increase the load speed of your site immensely. There are even plug ins now to automatically clear cache history for you - WP Super Cache for example.

  2. Use a CDN
    You could also increase page loading speed by using a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Since the server stores the site info closer to the actual point of request, your webpage loads faster.

  3. Web Host
    Of course a good web host can also mean the difference between fast and efficient load time and one that well…just isn’t. If you are on a shared hosting plan, you may want to switch to a dedicated, Virtual Proxy, or Cloud web host in order to ensure faster service.

  4. Optimize your Content
    If you have too many images, videos, and large files that take a longer time to load…well, so will your page take a longer time to load. So decrease the amount of media that you are using and decrease the size of the images that do remain.

  5. Optimize your Coding
    Also, making your code as clutter free as possible can work towards speeding up load time as well.
    Limit your redirects or HTTP requests. If you use a Gzip Compression code at the top of the page (in PHP), it will cut down the size of your web page and the size of the data transfer. Placing JavaScript at the bottom of the page can also help the page to load faster as well.

I’d say use a CDN and host your images not on your own server. Try using an image hosting.

Hi…there is a few ideas…

  1. Re-size your images before uploading them. And always include the source attribute with a valid URL
  2. Combine multiple style sheets into one.
  3. Reduce scripts and put them at the bottom of the page.

The OP hasn’t returned since posting this question. I can’t see any point in posting more suggestions!

disable any flash content ,reduce image size,get on speed hosting cloud free services.

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