How i can increase my website speed easily?

Hi, I have a website but it has a really low speed I tried many things but could not improve my website speed also the pages on my website speed is too lazy to load can anyone guide me how i can fast my website speed?

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What have you tried?

Check out the various SEO plugins or try the free Ubbersuggest. But the top one is page optimization.

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One source I’ve been using to find out what the issues are with your site is:

Plug in your URL for a free test… and they provide guidance on what needs improvement and steps to take.


This page gives 7 tips on making your pages faster:

Please let us know what you’ve tried so we don’t duplicate.

To increase website speed on wordpress use litespeed cache plugin (free) or Wp-rocket (premium) plugin on your website. Let me know if you need more assistance

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I think WP rocket Plugin will help and you have to also work with your Developers Team to make sure the Website works Fine.
Thanks for sharing information on this topic.

To increase WP speed, REMOVE plugins, not add more.

I’m using WP Rocket and Perfmatters Premium Plugins to improve my site’s speed and they worked perfectly, also, sometimes I use litespeed cache plugin (free), it’s also a great plugin for speed optimization. Also, one of the main reason of page low speed is that images are not optimized, whenever you upload image on your site, first make its size smaller from tinypng si website, then covert its format to WEBP from cloudconvert website.

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  1. Choose performance optimizing and hosting solution

  2. Cache web page

  3. Use asynchronous and defer loading for your CSS and JavaScript files. .

  4. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

  5. a performance-optimized hosting solution. …

  6. Compress and optimize your images. …

Hi! I don’t know which method you have tried to increase the website loading speed. However, there are so many things that impact page speed. Let’s see how to increase page speed.

  1. Use Cache plugin (Don’t use more than one cache plugin)

  2. Upgrade your hosting: If you are using shared hosting and have lots of content then you may consider upgrading your hosting.

  3. Use Webp image: Webp image is a new format that is smaller in size than jpeg and it improves the page speed.

  4. Create a simple design

However, I guess you can use the Cache plugin and set it up according to your theme will solve the problem.

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I had the same issue. My speed was like in the 20s for mobile and 50s for desktop. I am now at 99 and like 87.

WP Rocket works very well, but costs money. You have to play around with the settings a bit to get everything right. I would just google each feature and figure out whether it should be turned on.

The best tool I would recommend is PageSpeed Insights ( You can play with the WP Rocket setting and see if your performance increases. It is free.

PageSpeed also breaks down your issues and tells you exactly what the problem is. From there you can google what the results are saying and figure out a solution. For instance, PagesSpeed told me serve images in next gen format. I had an idea about what this was, but didn’t know how to convert my images to next gen format. I googled it and found there is a plugin called Imagify that does it for me. If you use WP Rocket, make sure plugins are compatible. Imagify is compatible with WP Rocket.

I do agree with the above user that some plugins will slow your website down. However, WP Rocket and Imagify do not. In fact, PageSpeed can tell you what plugins are slowing your website down. For instance, google analytics slowed mine down. Apparently there was a way to make it a passive listener so it wouldn’t as much, but I just deleted the plugin instead.

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You can remove unnecessary plugins, and monimize CSS and JS files to improve website speed.

As the OP hasn’t returned since posting, it seems pointless offering further advice. Topic closed.

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