How To Speed Up WordPress Website?

My Website Speed load is little bit slow. can any one tell me How To my word press website page load fast.

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There are several suggestions in this article.

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The question has been asked here before, so you should try searching the forums. For example:

Increasing the speed of a website

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There is also this article on the main site, and probably others if you look:


I think the best answer is do not use Wordpress unless you absolutely have to!

I maintain one and the slow speed is very frustrating; I have tried caching and converting to static pages without any noticeable effect. I am currently rebuilding it and will have a look through the links above and see if anything else has an effect.


You can speed up your website by reducing the size of the images. For minification of CSS and JS script, you can use a plugin like W3 Total Cache.
Also, its better to host your website on Cloudflare for better results.
These three points will definitely reduce load time of your website.

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There are few things which you can do to make your Wordpress website fast:

  • Make sure you are using a fast and dedicated server for hosting your website.
  • Try to optimize your Wordpress in a way so that you have to use minimal number of plugins.
  • Minimize the images used in your website.
  • Check the website in Google page speed insights and follow the suggetions.
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try lazi load plugin

I would share some genuine and known tips to optimize your Wordpress site:-
First of all, choose a good host.
Begin with a solid theme.
Your caching plugin must be reliable.
Optimize your images and content as well.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, but the OP is no longer with us so there seems little point in trying to help him out.