How to increase the number of fans on the Facebook page

How to increase the number of fans on the Facebook page
what is the best way

For increasing Facebook fans you have to use the following process:

  1. Try to add more peoples to your website.
  2. Make daily presence.
  3. Make your post attractive.
  4. etc…

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Keep regular posting on your fan page. Try to make mostly relevant post on fan page. You can also some time share post to make some humor and some message giving post.
This keeps the user engaged with your page.

Share your page post in relevant facebook groups and post regularly and new on your page. Always replies to your fans if they are asking something and whenever they share your post then give them a thanks post.

For increasing Facebook like you have to make your website populer on facebook. There are a large number of users on Facebook you have to post your websites link with some content to Facebook.then all things are dependent upon your friends and followers to make them can create some Facebook group or page for your website, and add more people in it.

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With the help of their paid marketing. You can get your fanpage popularized with your desired place traffic. These days all the marketers are using this technique to get maximum number of likes. The regular posting is also necessary.

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Remember, Facebook shows your page’s posts to just a small portion of the fan base at any given time. That ratio improves based on your engagement, frequency, etc but part of any social media budget should be funds for content promotion.

For increasing the number of fans you have to add more friends, join relevant groups and communities, post informative content so that more users will come on your site.

Also, remember that with FB they no longer allow such direct advertising as, “click like and you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing for…”, but you can direct people to your site on which you can hold drawings. Be sure your site also has a link back to like your FB page. Also, joining any groups on FB, communities on G+,or even starting your own pinboard on Pinterest can be beneficial if they see your site, they may want to like your FB page. If you comment regularly in groups & communities that share your interest in your niche, I can almost guarantee that you’ll build relationships & trust through them & they’ll click over to check out your page.

For getting more Facebook like first of all increase numbers of friends added to your profile you can also create pages and groups. Try to post something attractive which people usually like, do at least 3 to 4 posts daily, post unique and natural things. With the help of Facebook you can also increase traffic to your website.

Following are the ways through which you can increase the number of fans on the facebook page.
1.Firstly you must create a facebook fan page.
2.Create an attractive landing tab with a video that explains exactly what your fan page is about.
3. If you are interested on others facebook pages add your comments and links on their status updates.
4.Add a like button to your blog and try to post something attractive which people usually like.
5.Lastly place your facebook link on other top social media networks.

I personally got fans by a trick which I am sharing.

  1. I searched for the people those were freelancers like me.
  2. I added them as a friend.
    Remember: Do not add more than 3 friends in a single day.
  3. When they accepted my friend request, I invited them to like my page.

This is a natural way to find fans. In this way you will find fans of your relevant niche, and will be able to improve conversion rate as well.

facebook video is the best option… for it upload it and your likes gona boost

  1. Quality content
  2. Post regularly
  3. Facebook ads
  4. Try to engage people into conversation
  5. Ask questions

Always go for a white hat way in building the facebook fan page.

Provide some offers
Create some events
Do some image optimization which makes the visitors to like your page
make quality content to your users