How to increase facebook fan page likes or how to get relevant traffic?

I have created a facebook page for my storage and removals service. I want only relevant people(customers who need my service) like my page not fake peoples or irrelevant traffic…anyone can tell me how it would be possible :confused:

Well, you can use FaceBook ads for this and restrict it by showing your ads only to people with these interests using keyworks and by the needed geo-locations as well.

Events are another way to attract attention, either that or (like seo.xpert said above) ads are a much more direct way to reach people in a relative niche market.

yes i know ads are the good way to drive the relevant traffic on the website but i don’t want to run ads campaign. i just want people like my page without running ads campaign. is this possible if i send friend requests to the peoples on facebook but i fear this will not give me the relevant traffic. any other way?

yes i have already added the Facebook button on my website but users will like my page only when they reach to my website. For which I have to increase the popularity of my website first on web then people will like my page. my question is I want to increase the popularity of my website on web through Facebook without running seo campaign. I need proper guide for that.

You’re thinking about this wrong way. Your goal is to increase traffic but I’m not going to follow your page to help you reach your goal.

Figure out why I [or anyone] might follow your brand and then we can suggest ways to market that benefit.

You can search the web some of site are provide application that if you like their facebook page they would like yours.It is traffic transfer system.

All we can do is add facebook botton on our website pages to get relevant traffic, Other wise now over days they are tons of fake Ids running on fb… We can’t reach to our target

I keep my sharp eyes on my facebook profile and some other important pages… What I have noticed that people like one’s page and then get the like from the same page. Second, they share someone’s page on their page, and the other page do the same. Apart from this, you can try facebook ads campaign too. I will bring more relevant clients to your facebook fanpage.

Jeevan Mehta can you tell me what are the niche communities and how these are helpful for me?

i agree personally to your post. sometimes people do want to have it easy way. questions, polls and those that might interest the mind of these people gets the traffic

Alright everyone, I’ve removed a number of posts about services to buy / rent fans… the poster asked about how to build a relevant [interested] following and while that could certainly include programs like contests or advertising, outright fan services don’t fit the bill.

Let’s see if we can help deliver a few ideas and talk about how you build up interest in a brand on social channels in general.

find those type of people from forums and other places like blogs . Connect to them on the facebook and then i think you will get what you want .

the best way is to give the ad for you facebook page. You may increase the likes. Or you can join other pages and share the link on their walls.

Facebook is a very popular source of traffic to website but here I don’t understand that how will you define a person or visitor that he/she is your real visitor and ther other is not? You should be happy to get as many likes as possible to show the popularity of your website and from those visitors, the interested will continue visiting your site.

Update your face page regularly, invite friends and add friends, post nice pics and video on your page, this will definitely attract the people and
they will like your page

I think that you should focus on developing quality content to post online. This could be articles, press releases, even a powerpoint or keynote. Include links to either your facebook or your website-- whichever campaign your running. Remember it’s the content that will attract people.

Best way is to simply pay for Facebook Ads. However, that might be a little expensive initially. It would pay off if you have a good idea though.


  1. Try Facebook Ads
  2. You can hire a person over sea on India, vietnam, china. $100 for 4000 likes or $300 for 10,000 likes. Go to Google and search Free Lance , Script Lance …
  3. Some guy on craiglis do this like service too.
  4. You can invite your friends help you like. I have like 2000 friends :smiley: any time I create some thing, just spend some hour invite them , and tell hey my best friend, this like page for me.

:smiley: hope it work

There are many ways in which one can generate traffic and increase page likes.1st of all add a like box to your website this will increase the likes very fast and you should create event on Facebook telling every one about your site this will definitely generate traffic to you website :slight_smile: