Want to increase fb fanpage likes

hey i want a good and safe facebook like sharing site to increase my fanpage likes.

I’m not sure I follow what you’re trying to do here… Can you elaborate on the question?

I think you can advertise your fan page and get the likes from friends. As i know addmefast.com is a website which helpful to increase the referral traffic so here you can also add your fanpage and get likes as much as you want.

thanks for your advice. i am going to apply this.

I’m not sure if any site helps in earning likes as if you’ll keep on posting interesting and informative links or posts on your page and include the link of your FB page in your signature in different forums and participate properly. People will eventually like your page and will tend to become a part of it.
There’s never a shortcut to success.
All the best.


If you are referring to buying likes, there is no “good and safe” one available. Facebook has been cracking down on stuff like this recently. It may work in the short run but it is not a good longterm solution.
Try promoting your fan page on some other website. Build applications that people will find useful and fangate them. Facebook advertising is also a possibility.

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There is a huge difference between just getting more likes on your fanpage and getting targeted likes which convert well on facebook and will ultimately lead to increase in your business.

Facebook has been cracking big time on fake likes which have been taken by some methods like exchange.

Although an initial 200-300 ans on your fanpage can give it an initial push and once you start posting some interesting stuff, it can get viral very easily.

We have often seen how meme and comic images get viral on facebook and there fanpages have millions of fans.

This is something which is possible only due to continuous updates to the fanpage with interesting stuff which others like.

That’s great if your page is about collecting millions of people to read memes and comics but it hardly seems like a strategy that would help the average business?

How much pay for and how much like do you want or provide?

Ask your friend to like your page. post interesting posts to your page. an also do advertising of your page.

The best option is to suggest your page to your friends and ask for the like. Once they like your page, you can ask your close friends to suggest your page to their friends circle. You can also update the FB page link on your website or blog so that the visitors can like your page for further updates on your website or blog.

Fan page likes can be increased by :

  1. Paid Face Book campaigns

  2. exchanging likes in the group

  3. Sharing interesting article and pictures

you join groups on FB there are lots of Groups where you post your page link but in return you also like other memebers page.

This is like exchange website, and those likes are worthless for your fan page.

First of all you incresease your no of friends on facebook and ask them for like your page and you can also promote your fb page on other social networking site and also you can increase you fb page like by doing SMO.

Do post your links in other’s fan page. like their pages and do well publicity of your pages.

Posting your links on someone else’s page is spam and a good way to have your account banned.

If you will not want to banned in Facebook then go my way. Try to invite the your facebook friend to like this. But only 5 people daily. And say your friend to share also this page… Also you can take help from outsourcing people they can give you lot of fan with a short time for little money.

You can share the links and posts, and also you can tag your friends. So your friends likes and this is how you can increase fb fanpages likes.


I was the same problem at starting time and i tried so many things to increase likes such as: finding in search engine about increasing Facebook page likes techniques. I got the same answers as it written in this post then i surely understand few things:

  1. Your account should be real, your friends list should real (means they should be related in your contact).

  2. Then send a good written request and send them to like your page and share that message to others.

  3. Whatever you post in your page, that should be entertaining and knowledgeable so that at least they see your post and do like or comment on it.

  4. Most of your posts should be with images, it’ll impact directly.

  5. Not try to post so much in a single day or don’t give again and again messages to your friends to like your pages (if they didn’t like).

I tried all these things and i have good likes. Keep patience! and wait for good and loyal likes. :slight_smile: