How to Increase Facebook likes?

I have my fan page on facebook but still very less like on it…I want more likes to my page ,but do not know how???

What are you doing to draw people in so far? What does your page aim to promote, discuss or offer?

First, make sure you have enough good content on your Facebook page to make people like your page if they visit it. A big graphic with a “click the like button” would help too. Then, promote your page as widely as you can. Send out emails, put links on your websites, and post on Facebook with your page account. Hope that helps.

You can buy facebook like packages from many people, who can get you thousands of likes, but targeted likes are a lot trickier and this is purely down to you on just how you market the fan page.

If you want to increase your likes in your facebook page, My suggestion is join groups, post an interesting articles and manage your facebook page day by day and always remember being active with your page will help you increase likes in your facebook page.

First ask your friends to LIKE your pages, then you can go for LIKE FOR LIKE strategies. Join several groups to promote your brand and pages.

One thing I do when someone likes my posts or comments on it: I go to their wall and try to find something I like or can comment on. Of course these people are already on my list, but what I’ve found is that sometimes one of their friends will ask me to add them to my list. Also, if someone comments favorably on something I have commented on a friend’s page, I send them a friend request.

If I read a blog and like what I see, if they have a Facebook page I also send them a friend request.

What about your page? You should enrich your page with related content. Publish your page and it’s popularity in your Circle.It will help you to increase your page Like.

thank you guys after reading this I headed to my facebook right now to take alot of these suggestions in to play

Nice discussion , target specific audience and make your like page intesting .

Keep posting to comments of users on your blog & make it interactive

By posting witty and intellegent comments.lolz:)

and more important thing join more groups as much as you can and post link of you fan page

You can put your FB link on your websites to help you promote it, post interested/valuable updates, join groups/pages where your can post your link.

This is really the best way you’ll be able to get good likes and more frequent likes. It’s not an entirely easy process but you’ll get what you wanted with some hard work.

I am trying to boost my FB page now, as I haven’t done much to it for months!

That’s good advice about groups, although, I can’t seem to find any groups that I can join as a page?

Regards, Jay

Run an ad campaign on Facebook!! It can be a bit pricey but it worth it.

send your page’s invitation to all your friends on facebook daily so the got annoyed and one day all have a like on it :-P.

That is certainly poor advice. You are suggesting that spamming your friends will make them “like” your page. What will really happen is that you will end up with no friends at all.

You can incorporate your social media badges on your website. Actually, you should post your Facebook badge everywhere that you can. The more exposure you can create will give you a better chance towards gaining new followers on your Facebook page.