How to make more fans in Facebook?

Hello friends

Any tips on increasing the numebr of fans in Facebook?


Follow the below steps. I think it might help you

1)Appeal to your target audience
2)Trigger debate
3)Ask for feedback
4)Update with photos, videos, and original content
5)Create incentive

Post pictures or links on your fan page that would interest Facebook users. Then post updates regularly. You can connect your Facebook fan page to your Twitter account also for easy updates.

Hey, that a great suggestion.:cool:

Update your page on daily basis. And do join groups. Mention about your interests on your page. people with related interests will follow you.

well can any one suggest what type of link i should give on my wall so as its interesting for others or any source?

Agree :slight_smile: you can also build links by posting your links to twitter and other blog and social sites

I have same question about twitter??

try to make it attractive.
Allow people to share.
Update it on daily basis.
Whoever acknowledges your post or give comments, reply them back and acknowledge them
Similarly if what others post is relevant, give your feedback
Encourage them to share your page with their friends

If you got a great content then people would just follow your Twitter account or join Facebook fan page.

I developed this website ( and already got more than 20 followers. It just keeps growing.

post links to your Facebook page’s Wall and of your page and if your page is really interesting then more and more people will add to it. Please don’t follow paid or spamming for this.


While doing some research i have come across some good thread. i would like you to read it and understand how social media does influence your business:

Make your page more interesting. Update your wall more often, upload photos, and videos.

i think better you must add many friends…with many friends, you can more easy to do promote …
you can also makes a pre specially for your’e business and try to put link in your’e wall…after that, mybe you can write article or somethings like that with put your’e backlinks in article’s …makes interest article …


seeking the forum or community that interested in the same thing,
then invite all them to be one of your member of the page.

Good luck

You can look and relate to the people by city

Not sure what your FB page is about, or what kind of people/audience you are trying to attract.

Are you a singer, musician, actor? What is it you do that you feel would make people want to be a fan of your FB page to begin with? I mean, you do something other than just having a FB page, right? As there are 400+ million FB accounts so you will need to stand out from the crowd in order to attract more fans/friends.

Whatever it is that you do, the best bet is to market these talents to more people, gain a following, then more people will want to be a fan. :slight_smile:

Create facebook groups and invite more and more people using your contacts and their contacts

If you connect it to your Twitter account (got to to set this up), then each time you create a new wall post, it will automatically post it in your Twitter stream with a bitly link directing people to your Facebook page.

It’s a great way of generating awareness of your page, and increasing traffic. If you have a good Facebook page full of good content, hopefully people will then join.

You can also tweet about it ‘Are you a member of our Facebook page yet?’ type thing…

invite people to become fan