Increase Traffic

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to offer any suggestions for my forum as far as what I should do to increase traffic.


There are a lot of free Google credit out there. I even get them via snail mail

Well the cheapest way would post on other communities with similar topics to yours with your forum link in your signature. Another way would be PPC advertising.

A good way is to go the social media route, if you have myspace, facebook or twitter account just add new people to increase your friends list and refer them to your forum. And make sure you add people who are interested in your niche.

I had used Google Adwords in the past but it didn’t seem to increase the member count from those clicks, at that time the forum was very new though.

I have recently set up a myspace and twitter account for the forum. I’m not sure how to use twitter to increase traffic though.

I just realized I had a $20 credit for Google Adwords so I signed up for that again.

For immediate results, PPC/Adwords is the way to go! You should also promote your forum to relevant forums and sites.

Have you tried to do some social media optimization? You can try that one as well. :slight_smile:

some great content (possibly paid for) thats well promoted might help kick start things. also, people are reluctant to join low traffic forums so you may want to consider some paid postings or sign up as yourself many times to inflate stats a little.

I did the paid posting thing in the beginning. Because of the forum topic the paid posting contributed nothing relevant.

Traffic comes from one of two things time and/or money. If you would like the free way to advertise stick with the basics>>

  1. Social Bookmarking

  2. Link Exchange my favorite site for this is

  3. Directory Submission

  4. Social Network Sites such as twitter and myspace

  5. Press Releases

  6. Writing a blog and linking back to your site

  7. Blog commenting

  8. networking (by this I mean getting to know the people in your niche and helping each other advertise I found this especially helpful with my forum)

Anyway remember if you want to build your traffic keep getting backlinks to get organic traffic.

well if you want targeted high quality then try some paid advertising. there are a lot of free ways like interaction, commenting, social media and traffic exchanges but usually those stuffs don’t hand out quality traffic which may not lead to conversion in your forum

Hands down, paid advertising, and go big time with Search ads, also something somebody else mentioned, podcasts, now these things take time but definitely worth the investment.

You got it all there! With all that, you can also build a good opt-in email list, and send newsletters! Not sure about the Link market…

I would also second kbeus21’s motion for #5 Press Releases. Now these things you can’t take lightly, a couple of well placed contacts and you could have realtime publicity on your hands.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys.

I put in a lot of time advertising the forum on CraigsList. That drives quite a bit of traffic to the forum. I try my best not to spend much money into advertising since the forum doesn’t provide any income other then several donating members.

there are many ways to promote : but i have follow these steps, may help others…

  1. blog walking
  2. social media
  3. social networking
  4. link exchange

that’s the way i do… for promoting my blog

A helpful tip is to advertise your service manually on online search engines for free, but also pay money. Google and Yahoo are the top two business suppliers, so if you are going to spend money advertising, use Google and/or Yahoo. PPC is very effective, and the more money you spend per click, the more clicks you get, and the higher up you service will be listed on the search engine.

Here is a list of free promotional websites:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I find blogging as good way of increasing traffic. They can be used for various purposes. Then again putting your site link in it can direct people to places you want to led them.

You should promote your forum on other relevant forums with your signature.