What is the best way to get free traffic?

hello guys i just want to know if anyone tried to get free traffic and allready did that.if yes can you tell me what is it?

I would suggest to use the Google trends to drive free traffic for months. Create a blog on the hottest trend and just bookmark in major bookmarking sites. Done. it gets some real good traffic which you can further filter through!

Thank you.

Make sure that you post on Do Follow Blogs otherwise, everything is just a waste of time. Social bookmarking on High PR such as Digg, Stumble Upon and Delicious works well too.

There are many ways to get traffic without paying for it although your time tends to go up as the cost goes down making the word “free” become very relative.

A few tools & tactics to try:

  • Organic Search Optimization (SEO)
  • Video Sharing
  • Blog, forum and other discussion commenting / participation
  • Link exchanges with relevant sites
  • Participation/ growth of social networking accounts
  • Sharing of relevant media (applications, videos, photos, games, etc.)

Ultimately you need to look at the goal of your site and the methods available to you to understand the benefits of each tactic. A site about disneyland may do well with videos of the park and seo but may not find many good link exchanges or forums that allow posting of urls.

thanks for the list.i guess the best to work on is SEO,but it needs work and time

You should also do tons of social bookmarking. Bookmark the pages of your site in Digg and Propeller. Bookmarked pages in those sites get indexed by SE very fast.

Use Viral marketing techniques and Twitter for Traffic and Promotion…

Before all these you must have good contents.

The best ways of getting free traffic is to share your website’s links on twitter and facebook.

You can also test out video marketing method to generate traffic.

well, i think it’s still best to optimize your site properly with relevant and competitive keywords, unique content plus gathering relevant backlinks. In this way, your site can get organic traffic from search engines which is very useful since most potential customers usually use search engines to avail services or buy products online…

making the word “free” become very relative.

All good points and no traffic is free for sure. There is no “single” traffic builder to use and there is life beyond SEO.

There are tons of so called “free” traffic builders that are completely neglected in these discussions. Things like participating in “visitor targeted” groups in Linkedin and broadcast posting on BackPage.com. They all work and they all should be part of your ongoing traffic building program.

Hi aymenbnr,

Search Engine Optimization is the good mean of ‘free traffic’. What the people do when required any kind of information, they only search. If you also stuck on any problem what you do? … you also do a search.

There is plenty of information available on net. If you properly do SEO of you site you can definitely get quite good traffic. If you are interested search “Basic steps required for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of any site” on google

Chetankumar Akarte

There really is no “free” traffic.

Anything you do to build traffic will either take money or time. If you value your time at $0, then I guess it’s free. Otherwise, it does have a real cost.

To build any sort of real and sustained traffic will take lots of your time doing various different activities if you don’t want to spend any money. Creating content, videos, creative marketing efforts, site submission, changes for SEO, etc.

If you also stuck on any problem what you do? … you also do a search.

Not always…sometimes we come to SitePoint right? Why didn’t he just go to Google and be satisfied with the answers he received there? Because for him SitePoint is a trusted source.

Apply the same thing to my example of Linkedin Groups. Find groups that already have your target market asking questions just like you did when you came to SitePoint to make a post.

If Linkedin isn’t the place, find the places that are. Particularly timely is the SitePoint article 20 Social Networking Sites for Business Professionals.

I’m not suggesting you ignore Google and SEO. Just don’t ignore the other opportunities for direct contact with your target audience who are asking questions you can answer. Just like with a forum response, you will get traffic from people wanting to check out who was behind that awesome answer to someone’s question.

[COLOR=#FF6600][B]Ted S[/B][/COLOR] basically said it all. I’d add just produce good content and/or a service that people want. Do that and in time you’ll grow faster than anything gimmicky.

Has anyone tried TrafficSwarm?

really depends on your goal. do you want to build a community like a forum? then yes, social networking. however, if you want it for ad revenue then social network traffic provides poor CTR and you might be stuck in a lower pay bracket because your CTR is so low.

One of my favorite technique is using link building. It take a lot of time but it will drive massive traffic to your site. You can get link by submitting to article directory or comment on dofollow and commentluv blog.
If you promote a blog you can become top commenter on every blog that using top commenter plugin, technocrati will consider you as top commenter and will ranked you well.
Another way is using squidoo, hubpages, and blogcarnival to build link and traffic.

First increase the quality of your site, and then do some maintenance work.