How to Gain more traffic on New Blog please tell?

How to Gain more traffic on New Blog please tell ??? Please share details.
It is very important for my website.

So tell all members with your experience

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Welcome to the forums, @besthindihelp1.

What is your blog about? (We don’t need a link to it, just a little information.)

Who is the target audience? (What age are they? Which country are they from? Are you targeting men, women or both? Anything else you can tell us?)

What have you tried already in terms of promoting your blog, and how successful was it?

The more information you can give us, the more likely it is you’ll receive genuinely helpful replies, rather than vague generalities.

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It is extremely difficult to get traffic to new Web resources. It is almost impossible.
You either have to make something truly crazy to make your website famous, or have a lot of money to attract traffic by the use of paid advertisement.

Yes i am totally agree with Mr. Bahtiyar. you want to more and more traffic at your website or blog then you can use paid advertisement.

You can share your blog in Social Media so that you can increase the traffic of your blog content.

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It’s very easy. You can use social media for that - Instagram, Facebook ads and so on.
Moreover you can comment in other blogs and invite people to visit your own.
Switch on your imagination.

A term of SEO is content is king that will happen successful for when published in content over the web. content optimization is powerful term of gathering traffic over the website

The best way is to link your website onto other niche webpages. In this way way you can get visitors for your website. And always try to build do follow links. Because google give preference only do follow links.

For gaining traffic to new Blog…You have to first promote your blog…Share blog on various social site and blog site’s related to blog topic then you try to build …

That is pretty much the way we feel. a website is different thought its an actual business…u can generate traffic and people will need your service…a blog is different…what are they doing reading or buying.

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Hi , I created my blog a few short months ago and I am already seeing traffic to my posts, anywhere between 50 and 200 views per post.

I follow a simple process.

  1. Share each post to my Facebook Page
  2. Share from my FB page to my Facebook timeline
  3. Share the post to my Adweber lists
  4. Share on Twitter
  5. Share on Google plus

If you are combining your blogging with Social Media marketing then you should see traffic building over time.

I have about 30 posts and they are all seeing views, its not been an overnight success but it has been building steadily

I hope this helps

I’m new to SEO. I would like to learn about this. How to drive traffics for a new website. Thanks!

Keywords in the URL & page title, social media link sharing (Facebook/Twitter), & paid advertising (Google Adsense). Submit XML site map to search engines regularly. Optimize the web pages for Google Pagespeed with CSS/JavaScript aggregation, image compression, & HTML caching (including CDN). Network with other bloggers & publications in your niche for article cross-references, banner advertising, or link sharing.

This might work. I will surely try this.

One thing I would like to ensure for social media sharing. Always need to write fresh content? I have seen lots of guys are just copying from their website and pasting the link. Is this a great idea to promote website/blog?

Please check below information about how you can gain more traffic o New Blog.

  1. Target Your Content to an Audience Likely to Share
  2. Participate in the Communities Where Your Audience Already Gathers
  3. Make Your Blog’s Content SEO-Friendly
  4. Use Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to Share Your Posts & Find New Connections
  5. Install Analytics and Pay Attention to the Results
  6. Add Graphics, Photos and Illustrations (with link-back licensing)

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Sure! I will take a look onto it. Thank you!

hey @unisecureus looks like your sharing method is good. I would like to try this one. LOL!

Some Steps to get more traffic on site

  1. Optimize ur content
  2. Social sharing
  3. Guest Posting
  4. Email Marketing
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If you are looking to gain more traffic to your new blog then you have to choose the topics that has higher search volume and than apart from that you can do social sharing , email marketing and lot more to optimize your content on search engines.

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