How do I get traffic to my website?

Hello everyone! How do I get traffic to my website? Please Help Me

Hello, my name is Odora Tonni. I’m Soprts Repoter.

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That question has been asked and answered here before, so you might find it useful to do a quick search of the forums. For example:

How to Gain more traffic on New Blog please tell?

How to get traffic on our web sites

Hi tonniodora, Getting traffic, especially for a new site, is a challenge for most people but it depends, partly, on what kind of website you are publishing.

Traffic often takes some time to build up anyway but you will increase traffic if you run a blog and you update it regularly with fresh original content that provides value to your readers.

If you are running a blog, you should be sure to you create, informative headlines for each section of your post using relevant and significant keywords.

Don’t be tempted to spam your content with keywords because, although this used to be an approach some people adopted and was moderately successful, it won’t help you today and will be counter productive.

There is also paid advertising you can use if you are looking for speed. I can suggest some free training for YouTube ads if it’s of interest. This will be effective in any niche and country.

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Run Google AdWords campaigns & implement SEO to get traffic.

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This is the top of important ways to get traffic via site, we are taking
some steps to use the media advertisers paid for search and social promoting and display ads are all of the ways will make the value of your website traffic more visits. building your one brand and get started to promote it on the right models and ads, at the beginning of your process you may choose ad platform and create your first step to get traffic, I can suggest using Ad-Maven for example also, use a taboola, and not investigate on affiliate or referrals links programs, that can be less converting in the start

For a new website, along with the quality content, there is a need of creating quality backlinks on most relevant submission websites.

The phrases “quality backlink” and “submission website” are mutually exclusive.


Getting traffic on your website is a work which required patience.Its not like that you create some back links and you get the traffic and rank better.You need to Understand that You will need SEO expert to get traffic. SEO expert make strategies that will help your business to grow.

You can use digital marketing on your website. Some main types of digital marketing that are SEO search engine optimization, SMM social media marketing.
In SEO you can hire from freelancer market place client and do for your specific task as you need. and by social media marketing you can make your all social media account like facebook, tweeter and Instagram then you clarify your post and advertise them.
And be patient.

And anyone that says you ‘have’ or ‘need’ to hire someone else to do SEO should be trusted exactly as much as the snake oil salesman who just so happens to have what your ailment needs…

  1. Sign up on more social media platforms.
  2. Publish content daily.
  3. Not only written content but also publish visual posts regularly.
  4. Keep an interesting bio in your profile.
  5. Scheduled posts every week.
  6. Engage with your followers by responding to their comments.
  7. Use more hashtags.
  8. Optimize call to action.
  9. Run social media campaigns.

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