How to get more traffic in your blog?

I have a website… Updating blogs regularly…Promote it through social media… but not getting enough traffic or popularity…What to do?


Well, Bringing traffic to website is not an easy task, whether it is a blog, business website or any other platform…You should have a rich and engaging content so that once traffic starts to come…they stay for a longer time and also subscribe to your blog…You can add social media buttons to your blog so that they share your blog content, which will help your blog to grow socially.

To get more traffic in your blog:

  1. Make pages, groups on social media and share blogs.
  2. Use social media button on blogging sites.
  3. Promote your blog in between targeted audience.
  4. Use attractive image in blog.

I’m curious as to how that gains more traffic. Surely nobody will see the image until they visit the blog? Or are you suggesting that by making your blog more attractive, you improve your chances of returning visitors?

(This is the problem with replies which simply list activities, without any explanation.)

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It used to be the case of ‘if you built it, they will come’. Unfortunately that’s just not the case anymore. You’ll need to know your target audience well and do some critical keyword research and ensure that you have everything on point in regards to on-page SEO.

If you’ve not heard of SEO then now would be the time to read up on it. There’s a lot of information but the best way to learn is to just go out and do it. See your website as a testing ground and keep track of everything you do, everything that works, and everything that doesn’t.

Out of the things mentioned above I personally feel the most important part of getting your site noticed is the keyword research as this is where everything starts and you’ll be able to write better posts/pages that are targetted more to your market.

There are a lot of tools around which help you gain insight into what people are searching for on the internet (primarily Google) and with some perseverance and lots of reading you’ll be able to target these keywords to help you gain more visitors.

If you need any further guidance then I’d be more than happy to help via a reply on your post so that other people can learn (and me learn too!).

This all information is so useful for me.I will use all thing in mention in comment

you can promote your website in social media and same time if your submitting your website url in different back link creation website means you will get good traffic in your website like( bookmarking site and directory site )

Maybe the problem is not creating interesting enough content for your readers? That doesn’t mean your content is bad, maybe simply in needs some improvement?

All the steps you’re doing are good, but it just seems that maybe content needs to be little bit more exciting/informative? Something that would catch readers attention and would keep them on your site. If they will find it interesting, they will share, comment which will attract even more traffic.

Try to find what interests them more. Keep testing. Keep writing. Sometimes it just takes time for your name to get out there. The most important is not to stop and keep improving. Good luck!

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Well, very good way to get huge on your blog is through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can run paid campaigns in these sites to drive a huge traffic in your blogging site. But one of the best and convenient ways to do so is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short. More than 95% of the Google traffic comes on the first page of Google. And more than that about 80% of it comes in the first three links of the first page. So, if you are looking for driving a huge traffic to your blog for free then SEO is the first and the foremost thing you should learn first i.e., you should learn how to write an SEO friendly content with the good amount of keyword density(1-2.5 % is generally preferred). You should also create backlinks of your site to other sites to rank higher in Google which will result in a huge traffic to your blog.

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The seo techniques are the way to get traffic to the website. Pick some suitable keywords according to the blog’s theme and rank the blog on the keywords.

You can go for blog commenting, article submission and guest posting. As well make sure to add high density keywords in your content.

5 Smart Ways To Increase Organic Traffic To A Website:

1.Identify your website’s bad links and remove the bad backlinks.
2.Write blog for your users questions.
3.Modify your data content.
4.Create quality content on a regular basis.
5.Monitor your SEO progress.

If still your are not getting traffic to your website then you should post your content in communities on social media regarding your website services or products.

all you have to do is come up with great content and get some social signals or shares and citations.
you can ask for link exchanges. and be patient. google takes up to 1 month to crawl your site completely.

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Promote it on multiple social media accounts. Try SEO so your site would always appear on the first page of the google search results page.

Focus on target keywords! And Fix the on-page factors!

Did you try using Taboola as an advertiser?

It’s not enough to just share in social media. You must have an audience there. So build your audience in whatever social media site you are using.

Yes dear you are right but it’s fact You Have to use attractive images because if you done this user will stay for long and bounce rate will decrease and your site page will be ranked