How to Promote my website..!

I have made a blog few months ago and I don’t get that much traffic I want, i just get more then 3000 viewers per months…!!
Can you suggest me the right way to get more visitors…!

Tell us what you’ve done to promote it so far and what results you saw from that - did your metrics change up/down at all?

I use Facebook,LinkedIn to promote my new posts on my blog. But I’m getting traffic at all…!
i use forums also but still same problem…!!
I dont do any guest posts,That’s all I do…:slight_smile:
I do proper SEO also…

Perhaps that’s at the root of your problems - you are using things inappropriately as a means of promotion.

Social media is for social interactions, not for advertising. So use your social media to build a relationship with your followers which will make them want to visit your blog to find out more about you; don’t use it to advertise your blog posts.

Forums are a place for discussion. You should post because you have something interesting to say, not to promote your own site. (On most forums, that kind of behaviour is more likely to get you banned.) If you are seen to be making interesting and helpful posts, other members may well visit your profile to learn more about you, and from there go on to visit your site.

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that what some folk consider “proper” is not what the search engines consider proper. You might want to check Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything, and that you’re not doing anything which could adversely aaffect your site.

Which niche is your blog in, and who and where is your target audience?


You are right @TechnoBear Forums are a place for discussion and helping to other people same like you. Once you became famous other members must visit your profile and your site as well.

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You can also read “The beginner’s Guide to SEO” of Moz. It will help you.
As far as I know sometimes you have to wait 5-6 months and more to see the results of your SEO. So don’t give up and keep trying :slight_smile:

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It depends, what you want to promote exactly. People use SEO (search engine optimization) for website’s rank in Google as well as traffic.
On the other side, some people like to use SMO (social media optimization) for brand establishment. Thus, few people do content marketing for particular topic.

Where are you ranked for your desired keywords?

You should do focus on SEO for your website .search engine ranking , social media marketing , focus on quality content and promote it , use google local business , internal links build ,external links so you get backlinks for your website , blog and forums…

Now if your blog or forums not get traffic then promote them on social media platforms not only facebook ,
build a relationship between you and your friends also customers so they attract to come on your blogs or forums…