How to Gain more traffic on New Blog please tell?


These things can help you get traffic on the blog -

  1. SEO
  2. Share your content on social media
  3. Social bookmarking
  4. Email marketing ( try with free version )
  5. tell your friends about your blog


Hello, for my experience I generally post my blog in all social media platform which create some traffic to my blog and I also post my blog to some of article sites lefting source link of my blog.


There has some good off page strategy you can try. Here they are: 1) Forum Posting 2) Link Building 3) Blog Comments 4) High PR Bookmarking 5) Guest Posting 6) Link Outreach 7) News Article Posting and many more.


I wrote articles of interest in my Christian blog on a regular basis. I have hundreds of articles there. I participated in answering questions in,,, and other sites with a link to my site in those accounts. Many hits come from those accounts and from Google searches. After doing this for years, I now have 13k pages read a month. I have a Twitter account. I don’t use FB or IG; they don’t seem relevant to my site.

Write good content and they will come. But you must be patient; there are no shortcuts.


Getting traffic is a very tough question to answer but not if you had the experience before, as to me getting traffic there are traditional ways for that and this include sharing your links on social media, guest blogging, SEO, but I can say advertisement is the idea to get people to recognize your site because it’s a target audience who wants to be on your site, but SEO is the key to a very big boost for your site in the online community, not only that you get quality traffic but also free and the audience are only interested in the content you provide, so when doing SEO providing quality content is what keeps an audience coming back to your site to look for more interested contents.
Remember when thinking about traffic to your website don’t just do it anyhow, try as much as possible to get to the audience that want what you offer not just any type of person, as your post get to the right audience the more recommendations you get and the more traffic you gain.


I have a news site. I post every day here but no real traffic comes up. I submitted the site to Google Webmaster. I want to get the rank of this site. Thanks for helping me.


Hi @shuvoahmeed. Welcome to the SP forum. To answer your answer in short. The first and most important is good, valuable content


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How about something obvious like sharing relevent content that helps people in some way?

If your prime motive is making money, you will most certainly fail.

If your goal is to help other people, then I think success will eventually follow!


‘‘You can easily gain traffic for your blogs by indexing on social bookmark sites also this is free…’’

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