Social Networking For SEO

Do you think social networking sites could help your SEO? It’s pretty much up for debate, but what do you think?

I have never heard of getting SEO through social networking sites. I mainly use these for promotion, site branding, product recognition and increasing traffic.

it helps you about advertising stuff for your business and have future clients …

It’s great for SEO, because don’t forget - many of your social network profiles are indexed by Search Engines

i agree with the below, social networking site are too much helpful for the seo.
Content promotion via social media channels is highly productive for link building. Effort and return on effort can be measured very specifically. Many SEOs don’t focus on building relationships though. Does that make it wrong or different? It depends on the client goals. It’s true that many search marketing practitioners and PR / social media practitioners approach social media participation with different goals in mind and therefore, with different tactics.

via social networking sites you can interact with your customers. understand their needs and then come up with the solutions. apart from book marking its a way to build up relationships.

Definitely, Social networking sites are helpful for SEO. It used for website, blog promotion. Using social networking sites you can create your network. It is very helpful for gaining visitors.

Most of the social sites are no follow but I believe they are still very powerful resources for backlinks. I believe Google values them highly and we should start to see increased benefits in using social sites for SEO in the near future.

I am not sure about SEO value, probably does help but I have seen good results driving direct traffic to sites. The more you get your site out there the better it will be for traffic in possibly unexpected ways.

Social Networking helps alot in SEO…moreover Your Profile Details like MY WEBSITE, MY BLOG can be useful…

My question is can they count as Backlink to your website…

Yes. that’s right …
Social networking is one of SEO techniques who called off page activity …It’s very effectived ways to increase traffic website and also to do promotion …


Hello All
Social Networking helps a lot in SEO.Because It’s very effectived ways to increase traffic website and also to do promotion .so u can do socail networking submission for twitter,Facebook Etc…


Of course it helps, it depends on the site itself, but from a web designer’s perpective it is very questionable

What social networks website popular do support SEO???
Thanks for sharing this information …

Content promotion via social media channels is highly productive for link building.

Its like we submit to article directories. But the social media is more used and they have good PR too. So you have allowed to get some SEO fuel (links) there.

I’m currently looking at a “program” that the author claim is a very creative ways to use social media for social media for getting backlinks, the claim is that it can get you top ranking in a hurry. I will post the results and and it’s not black hat.

I think that social networking sites really do have a positive SEO effect on your page. I am a firm believer that even no-follow links are valuable to your site because it creates links in the long run.

What is more, it’s also good for real people to get to know your site.

As they say there are no bad links…

To increase the backlinks of your site at least I think.

Looking at stuff on your website is starting to give me some ideas for my blog…I do powerpoint for a living…I might be able to set up some instructional stuff and convert them…I’m going to think of how I could use this.