Social Media which Help in getting ranking

Hi All
All you guys are using Social media like Facebook , twitter , linked , stumbleupon and some others

We need to have suggestions for all experts that which one is the best social media site which will help rapidly in top ranking in terms of backlinks and traffic , all the suggestions and experienced are welcome please .

social media like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Technorati, Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon and other types of social media which will help rapidly in top ranking…

some sites are social media sites who is Facebook orkut and twitter and etc.

Facebook has been the best social media site till now.
It will be launching its search engine soon.
I guess using it to the fullest can be advantageous.

Although you want ranking in Social Media, this is an SEO question, not one for Content. Thread moved.

Well since Facebook has so many members then i believe the best social media site that could bring you traffic is Facebook. Just make sure you have hundreds or thousands of friends and acquaintances to connect with.

now a days face book and twitter is better for high ranking you know mostly people and young and old generation mostly used and they like this social media…

They are all social networks that can help your seo improve.

I suggest you to work all there of them you never know from where u get the traffic. Seo is very unpredictable thing. sometime one strategy work for one and sometime it wont

All social media sites are good… traffic depends upon how efficiently you use these sites.

Facebook Twitter, Linkedin ,They are all social network than can help seo improve