How much should I budget for directories?

Obviously this is just a ballpark figure and can be different for each SERP, but in general… what do most of you budget for directory submissions?


This is impossible to answer. First, I don’t know how much are to you and I know nothing about your business.

Most of the major directories and search engines are free to submit, others aren’t but would that be good for you? Some directories are real specialists in one niche.

It depends. If it’s a local niche then a low $xxx every so often is fine. However if you’re in a huge niche then $xxxx a MONTH will be necessary.

Many directories are free to submit, but it’s so cheap to outsource it, then you may as well :slight_smile:

I don’t budget anything for directories. I submitted to the free high PR ones (there aren’t so many of them) and that’s it.

Thanks for the info!

Many of the high PR directories have free and also paid listing which they call featured listing.You can opt for free listing.Very few directories allow only paid listing.Don’t spend money on listing in directories.Directory list can be easily found and use that to submit your site.According to me DMOZ listing is a must,rest you can just submit and leave it.As far as directory submission is concerned don’t worry too much.One thumb rule “SUBMIT IT FORGET IT”.

From my experience, getting listed in directories doesn’t yield any substantial results, traffic wise. The only one worth getting listed in is DMOZ.

In all of the directories around the web only DMOZ has sends enough traffic to warrant your time? I don’t recall DMOZ making much noise anywhere, are you seeing traffic from them or just hoping for an SEO lift?

It’s depend; how much you are looking for and that’s also very from quantity,also there differ for monthly or weekly basis.

DMOZ will definitely not be a traffic source that will add a huge increase of visitors to your site, but they will sent some traffic your way, and of course, there is the the SEO lift. Not a bad outcome for 5 minutes of labor.

No argument about the time to return but your comment was that it’s “only one worth getting listed in” and I’m not inclined to agree with… There are certainly some well maintained directories out there in most niches which also have enough lift to be worth your time, often more so than the once all-powerful DMOZ.

i would refer you not to go for paid linking cuz Google most of time don’t prefer paid links…if you are interested in directories submission go for free directories submission…but if you take my opinion directory submission slow process for backlinking…try some other strategy

There is no need to waste money on directories, if you are really want to spend money then choose any other marketing strategy like PPC which will give you definitely traffic.

its better you invest in article marketing rather then investing in directory submission. Their are 100’s of free directories with good ranking better use them.