Free or paid web directory?

I need an expert advice from those who are dealing with web directories.
If a web link directory is picking up 2-3 links a day, is it time to move it from free to paid. If it is which way of payment is advisable.

What shall I do to quickly get a higher PR?

I think for a web directory, you don’t base moving it from free to paid just by the number of links you get per day… I think your PR plays a vital role. Picture this, your web directory is PR 6, don’t you think a lot of people would love to pay to have their links in your directory than a PR 0 free directory?

Yes. you need to get your web directory to a higher PR and then start asking for a fee for any do follow links from your site. By mere number of links being pick up may not be enough.

Just my thought,


If you are only getting 2 or 3 links a day as a free directory, I’d say that the chances of you getting many (or even ANY) paid links is pretty slim.

I have found so many free directories which is free and have high Google page rank. So move to paid submission is not proper solution.

i think it depends on how popular, and how is high your PR… which most webmaster are looking for…

Submit it to different web directories, make your website a sig link in your forums and make a free ad to advertise your website.

What is a free ad?

A free advertisement. You can search the net about free classified ad sites. :slight_smile:

What about selling featured links that appear at the top of the category first?

I still prefer free. :slight_smile:

Some says that it’s good to pay when you liking to a PR6+ directories, some says it’s still best to get as much directory submission for your site. Both are good but it’s still a part of optimizing your site.

I would not pay a wooden nickel for submission services. The reason is simple: Most of the directories are link farms.

On the other hand i would consider paying in order to get some quality links from high traffic portals and directories. So my answer is this: Do not pay for submitting your site in 1000000 billion directories, but you should pay in order to get some links from quality pages.

There are many high quality free directory which will bring you many traffic, but to find them may cause you much more time, so the paid one may save your time. But the ones which cost too high may not worth…

If the directory would be human edited it would be conceder as good web and quality web directory. Take an example of DMOZ it is free and human edited.

You can use adwords or Yahoo, or MSN. There are some tatic for free PPC, see my signature:)

It is not the question of PR alone. Do remember that paid directories with higher PR got penalized by Google. Ex: Alive etc.

Consider having submission to relavant directory with a category with having PR and also check that they link the sites directly (without having redirecting thru scripting) and allow index,follow attribute

actually google does not like directories that you pay and you get inserted without any other criteria. In a video matt cutts was clear that for example Yahoo dicrectory (where you pay) is a good directory because not all sites get submitted but only those which have good content.