What is the best submit directory

You intend to do what? Build backlinks from this, want to submit on more than directory?

Directory submission is the best way to increase the traffic, i am searching the free directory list which can increase the traffic of the website.

Hi in my Opinion Directory critic sites lot’s of free and also paid directory list provide so you search in this site helpful to you.

Possibly not quick but you should probably consider DMOZ in your strategy somewhere. That said i’m finding it impossible to get listed for any of my sites.

Really? How many hits do you get on your site from Directories? I get next to none!

if you want to submit your blog then bloggeries is an an excellent option for you…if you want to create backlinks for your blog then you should do article submission and bookmarking to better the visibility of your blog…i hope this will be helpful for you…

Well i am using directories in my SEO tactics for a while. The most used by me are DMOZ, Hit Web Directory, Search Site, Jayde, Free PR Web Directory, Marketing Web Directory. There are many more but these are most relevant and active.

DMOZ directory

demoz directory is a good directory having a good pagerank.also you can use directory critics for directory submission.it will giv a good result…

I tried to submitt my website to DMOZ directory (more than 6 month ago) ,but seo analysis shows it is not submitted!
Any idea why it was not submitted?

It probably was submitted, but then not accepted (or at least not yet). DMoz requires every submission to be manually approved, and if they don’t think your site is good enough to be listed then it won’t be listed. It may be that your site hasn’t been rejected either, and is still in the ‘pending’ queue … DMoz approval can take a long time, and 6 months certainly is not unheard of.

thanks for answering.Do you suggest to resubmit my website again or shall i forget DMoz and search for other directories? Also is there anyway to check what is my submission status on DMoz?
Iam suffering from getting very weak traffic to my website! I tried to promote on twitter and facebook,but the traffic is very weak!

there are several directories are there but two are more famous

  1. directoryroll and
    go through with this is makes good backlinks.

Thanks for these I did not know about them. And as for DMOZ it can take some time to accept your website. I had to wait 8 months one time.

Try Technorati.com. It is a best blog directory with high PR 8. Might be it will help.

the first is the site have the best submit directory efficient best submit directory link that - dmoz.org,and method have to build to back link many method to create backink such as directory submission, article submission social media optimization .