How directories are still useful for SEO?

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When I heard “Dirctory Submission” is still useful for SEO. I’m totally in ambiguous about this colorful issue. Could anyone open your resources to explain something about it?

I too feel that directory submission is useful provided the directories are of high Page rank like yahoo.dir, dmoz, joeant,, botw etc. you can read this article

One thing to remember is that PR is calculated per page, not per site. So while the home page of a directory may have a high PR, the internal pages - where your link will appear - are likely to be much lower. Something to think about before spending money on listings.

I personally do not believing in investing too much time on the directories submission. just do submission on the high and reputed directories but do not rely on directories only.

I think you should do Niche Directory Submission rather than Directory submission. Niche directory submission will help you in getting local visitors too.

yes directory submission is really helpful to bring traffic to your website.

I have seen this stated repeatedly, yet I wonder how true it is.

I can honestly say I have never used a directory site (apart from Yell) to search for a business, nor do I know anybody who does. I simply use search engines, as I imagine the majority of folk do. So I can’t help wondering just how much traffic directory sites actually provide these days. The situation may have been different in the past, when search engines were less powerful and sophisticated.

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Yes Directory submission still power full off page activity during Penguin update if you submit your site in right category, it gives you back link to stable your site rank stable in SERP

Yeah, of-course directories is always important for SEO, when you start one SEO website, you have to submit on local directories.

Really? Why? I’ve never submitted a site to a directory - local or otherwise - and my sites rank very well.

And what about if your site is not a local site but is aimed at a wider audience?

To all posters: please give reasons for your advice or opinions. Statements which agree or disagree with the use of directories but provide no further information are of no help to anybody and will be removed as fluff.

Directories are important to SEO because Google uses these citation links to determine rankings in the Google Plus listings for local searches.

It can also put your information in front of real people who you want to know about your company. Not every tactic should be based entirely around links; you will be better off focusing on getting in front of real people.

Try to submit your site to authoritative directories like DMOZ, Yahoo, Bing for Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. to gain links that often appear on top search results.But just take care that not one or two techniques pushed to the extreme and also don’t rely completely on directory submission if you care about traffic and ranking for Search Engine Optimization for your site.

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Yahoo Directory is not free to submit almost all category, is their any other way to submit free in yahoo directroy?.
I have submitted many times my website in Dmoz but my site were not approved yet. what is the reason, why it was not approved. can you explain.

I do not know if some one saying directory submission still works, because i have submitted more than 3 hundred of it, but got nothing. Yes the directory i have picked was free submission, maybe paid listing has some effect.

Yes it is true but for paid directory listings only, I have submitted over 400 high pagerank directories 6 months ago but only 10% approved in 4 months, then I decided to buy paid listing (which approved in 2 days), certainly traffic of my site goes up and paid directory listings has very good impact on my website.

I don’t think the listings themselves are useful for ranking - there are far better ways to get links.

Having said that, some directories do get good traffic. I work on the SEO for an accountancy company and you would be surprised how many pensioners planning for their retirement still use the Yellow Pages for stuff.

It’s not always about Google :slight_smile:

There are both good and bad points to directory listings. The good is that, yes, they can still help with rankings. However, like many other factors Google now considers… if they are overdone, they can harm rankings for your site. I would suggest obtaining links from a few high quality directories, however I would definitely stay away from “mass submission” services that promise hundreds of links at a time.

There’s something else to add to this…the subject of “paid” links. Google of course tells us our sites will rot in hell if we pay to be on directories so that we get links. Yet, research the backlinks of any well-serp’d law firm site and compare an equally on-page optimized law site that comes up #75 on serps and the missing piece will be paid links on directories. I sort of guessed at one law site by looking at all their paid links that they must be spending somewhere around $15K just for paid link directory membership.

So, question 1) Do links from directories help? Well, I have no reason to believe otherwise so I’m going to say yes they can be a “component” of seo that should be included in the mix but shouldn’t be your only source of links. 2) Why do some sites get killed in serps for paid links where others do not? I have no answer for that one.

[font=calibri]Google has never said that you will rot in hell for all eternity if you pay for links to your site.

What it has said will cause you eternal damnation is if you have paid links that aren’t marked as ‘nofollow’. Paid links are fine, as long as they are marked as ‘nofollow’, so that Google knows to ignore them.

As to whether sites get penalised for paid links … that all depends on whether Google can detect that the links have been paid for! If they don’t spot the crime, you won’t do the time … but are you prepared to take that risk?

Links from directories may help – a lot of that will depend on the directory you’re using. If it’s one that vets the links posted, that’s more likely to be considered to have some level of authority and reputation … whereas if it just accepts whatever people post without any checks or controls, why should Google consider it to have any relevance? It may be useful for spidering, but its value for ranking is pretty much nil.[/font]

I agree with you.

Sometimes or probably every time free submission is just a waste of time. You’ll only have a small chance that they will approved your site, unless you pay them.
We already stop doing directory submission because we don’t get any results from this kind of strategy.