How Many Backlinks In Your Site Are Ok?

Hi every one, today i have a question for you. I have a website and i want to optimize it. But i don’t know exactly how many backlinks are ok! So can you help me? Thank so much!

If you pretend to spam all over the internet just to get backlinks to your site then the answer is 0.

Now, when these backlinks are real and done for the right purpose, then there’s never too many.

What do I mean with this?

In the first case, if you dedicate your time posting in blogs or forums which may allow you to post a signature or link to the site you want to promote, and you simply post for this purpose of having links to your site, then you’d rather dedicate that time to something else. It is simply not productive and, even if you may think otherwise, you’ll be spamming. And it would useless. Search Engines already know that it is you who adds that link and that you’re doing it for the wrong purpose and then ignore it.

In addition to that, the webmaster of that site may have those links as no-follow, making the value of those links even less (and their value was nothing, anyway)

In the second case, if bloggers and other webmasters write articles and link to your site… that does have a lot value as it would mean that you have great content. You want as many of those as you can get and as to many articles as possible.

Hi, 20-25 Backlinks per day are OK for a website Including:

  • Directory Submission - 10
  • Social Bookmarking - 5
  • Article Submission - 2
  • Forum Posting - 2
  • Classified Ads - 2
  • Press Release - 2

If you do more then when google crawl the links it will go to SPAM. So Be careful about this.

[font=verdana]Rhetorical question: Where did you get those numbers from?

Rhetorical answer: That’s absolute nonsense. There is no magic number that Google will suddenly switch from thinking you’re legitimate to thinking you’re a spammer. Google is waaaaaay smarter than that, and isn’t going to be so easily fooled.[/font]

Think of quality not quantity! Backlinks are not only for SEO purposes but they can also give you traffic.

If you did this once per month, I don’t see any harm in it. Once per day I believe would cause problems within a couple of months and would be negative to the SEO of your site.

By asking questions like this it means you are more concerned with SEO, and not with the user experience. An excellent site can start with one visitor that tells a couple of people who tell a couple more people, and SEO doesn’t even matter.

Link building is not just about the number of how many backlinks you should build but it is a continuous process which you have to do daily in order to ensure maximum effects and stable ranking. For a start up website about 3 - 5 links per day is okay, for a more aged sites 10 - 20 is necessary and for a highly popular site 50 - 100 links is good enough.

Only backlinks can’t rank your website.

I think you should keep this schedule in your mind.

There are two excepts in SEO.
On page and Off page SEO

ON Page:

Cq: Your content quality
Cr: Keyword selection
Cw: your page and words compatibility
Ce: What is your bounce rate
Cf: daily updated
Ht: Title of your page relevant?
Hd: meta description relevant to your page.
Hh: headings in your page
Ac: can search engines crawl your web pages easily
As: website loading speed
Au: Your web page url structure

Off Page:

Lq: Quality Links
Lt: Keywords
Ln: Number of links
Sr: Reputation of your website
Ss: social networking sharing
Ta: What is your domain authority?
Th: History of your website
Pc: Where from you?
Pl: Your city?
Ph: traffic returning
Ps: You friends thinks about your website.

well it depends on the site you are optimizing the competition for the keyword and many other things. Check out the number of links you competitors have and try to get as many as them with at least the same quality of the links :slight_smile:

doesn’t matter numer of backlinks, what matters is quality of these backlinks… try to get at least PR1+ backlinks… ignore these bad ones :slight_smile:


Always submit quality backlinks to your website…Submitting 90-100 links for the sake of increasing the quantity is just a way of spamming your site.Make link building a natural one.So do about 20 -30 backlinks everyday.

I don’t think there’s a specific amount. Sometimes, it’s not about the number of links but the quality of links you have. Quality means you have links coming from authority sites, quality sites, and NOT spam sites. You can build links regularly just make sure you won’t spam. Build links naturally, like don’t create a ton of backlinks in a day or everyday. Just make a few in a day and then few in some other days. Make your backlinking unpredictable likes there’s no pattern to it.

how can a backlink be of bad quality?

i heard that a link can be less beneficial to you than other links but i never heard of negative links.

If your site has quality content and back links from high authority sites, then Google will absolutely give you a higher mark. But if Google see that you are building back links too much and too fast especially from poor quality sites together with bad content (poor grammar, spelling mistakes, not informative) expect not only your ranking will be affected, worst Google might penalized your site.

Well Back link always increase your site authority ,
As many back links you have your site authority surly increase but its all depend which type of links you are creating, If you create quality backlinks then minor links enough, I recommend start back linking from at least PR 1.

There no required number of backlinks for a site but there is required procedure how you make those backlinks…proper unique article to be used and number of links that will be put unto that it will not be spammed and be detected,and in the long run the site will be penalized

If you have around 600 back-link coming from at-least 6 different activities and all of the websites are PR 2 and above than surely you rank rank well for any keywords you want except those who have very high competition.

How much money are ok in bank account?
The answer is similar to your problem. The more you have the better you are.

It depends on the niche you are targeting. Because a niche or a keyword that has high competition will definitely require a huge number of backlinks, as your competitor sites already have many backlinks and they are already ranking high. However, if you have a site that targets keywords with low competition, then few backlinks are enough to rank a site high. Therefore, first check whether your niche or keywords has high or low competition.

They can be as many as you want, just make sure they are from quality sites.
There’s no sense in getting tons of links from worhtless sites. Also, spamming sites for links will only get you banned.
think quality!