How many backlinks per day per website?

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Friends, should we have a limit on the number of backlinks that we create for a website? Should we go slow in creating backlinks for a website ever though we are capable of creating four times more backlinks? Will search engines treat it differently if we create hundreds of backlinks in one day or in few hours? :slight_smile:

As per my view, below 20 is good

Won’t this be taking too long this way? :slight_smile:


The problem is that any time you talking about creating backlinks, what you’re effectively doing is promoting your own website … and Google couldn’t care less about that. It doesn’t matter if you create one link a day or a thousand, if Google thinks that you have planted those links yourself, they won’t make a blind bit of difference.

As to what speed the backlinks appear at – that depends. If it’s a sudden trending topic then it may be perfectly reasonable to have thousands of links, shares, likes and tweets springing up in a day. If there’s no obvious reason for the explosion in activity then Google is likely to just see it as spam. Ultimately, there is no fixed number. Because any time there’s a fixed number, it becomes too easy for people to game the system and subvert the rules, which is exactly what Google does not want to happen.

Rather than just plucking numbers out of the air, how about giving some reason or rationale where those numbers come from?[/font]

There are different factors that influence how your backlinks are built up. Building up backlinks isn’t done by doing “XX” number of backlinks a day because it’s simply not natural. If search engines see a trend in your backlink portfolio especially the way you are gaining backlinks, they’re not going to be happy.

If you’re creating your own backlinks, then it’s very likely that you’re doing it on low-quality web pages, so you’re basically wasting your time on something Google won’t care about.

The number of backlinks is largely irrelevant. It helps to have a healthy mix of good backlinks and some low-quality (otherwise, it wouldn’t really look natural), but ultimately you should spend your time making your website better instead of wasting your precious time on backlinks.

You shouldn’t be concerned with how many backlinks you have but the quality of them links. A link from a site with great authority will do a lot more good than a million backlinks from low ranking sites.

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do not forget that back link building is not overnight process. if you do so, your site will get penalty by Google robots. it is the never ending process and build link slowly.

I think 20 to 30 back links per day are good for a site. Back link process is useful for increasing traffic on site so it is best to get 20 to 30 back links per day.