How Many Backlinks In Your Site Are Ok?

The main thing is quality. Backlinks could be from some crappy sites, and that would be a real issue for you. So no worries about numbers, remember about quality.

linkbuilding is an endless process there is no limits for backlinks.but don’t do over optimization for your backlinks with your relevant site and highpagerank sites.:slight_smile:

Backlinks are a good source of getting quality traffic. I myself make 15-20 backlinks from quality places so that to increase the sale and traffic. The quality the link, the more better the traffic, Always remember do not always try to increase the amount of links but what you need to focus is the place where you are putting your link is quality place or not otherwise there is no benefits from non-quality places.

It’s depend on your off page activity and your website page rank… you have to make high PR website submission and you get the backlinks… google or any kind of SE’s are not provide any kind of number of backlinks.

Ok , Optimize it carefully by best analysis with website niche , competitors and targeted phrases by following ethical rules . .

Building ethical back-links is not issues with Numbers, Actually Issue is to build Spam or low quality links . So go ahead with keeping Google guidelines in mind while building back-links .