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I have a question : what is the maximum number of backlinks per day for my website? I don’t want to be penalized by Google!


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If you’re gaining backlinks because people are choosing to link to your site, and those links are genuine, then it doesn’t matter how many you gain in a day.

If you’re creating links yourself, then firstly, you’re largely wasting your time. Search engines set very little store on links which you create yourself. And if you indulge in anything which could be regarded as a link scheme (and the very fact that you are asking this question makes me think you should consider this point carefully), then you run the risk of your site being penalised.


@NojaFlavius as far as i suggest you, you can have 500-800 back links per day. The details are as follow:

social book marking 200
forum 70
directory submission 500
blogs 70
article submission 50


Firstly, you seem to have missed my point that links you create yourself like this are largely worthless in the eyes of search engines, so you’d be wasting your time.

Secondly, reputable sites mark user-created links as nofollow, in accordance with Google guidelines, so they don’t count as backlinks and again, you’re wasting your time. (Not to mention likely to be banned from forums, blogs, etc. for link-dropping.)

I provided links to Google to back up what I said in my post. Do you have any Google source to back up your claim? It looks to me like random numbers from a poor-quality “SEO” firm, but I’m willing to be proved wrong if you can provide an authoritative source.


Thanks TechnoBear for your answer!

What backlinks techniques do you use to rank higher your site?


To be honest, I don’t use any backlink techniques, and my sites all rank well (but none of them is in a high-competition niche).

This video by Matt Cutts might give you some ideas about how to encourage other sites to link to yours (the only kind of links which really matter in SEO).

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Monthly 15 backlinks from high DA websites is enough. Mot more than that.

I agree with @TechnoBear. Try to earn backlinks by creating quality, useful and informative content. Don’t waste your time to create links which are going to harm your website sooner or later.

@haniyabilal2 Please don’t guide wrong. Either share valid sources. All your mentioned activities violate Google guidelines.

And your source for that figure? Quoting a number without an authoritative source to back it up is not very helpful.

As I said before, if you’re gaining links organically, because other sites are choosing to link to you, then there’s no problem with how many you gain. If you’re placing them yourself, you’re largely wasting your efforts.

I was just give the answer of “Number of backlinks / day

There is no source. It’s my research and analysis with almost 90% positive results. ( 90% means 9 out of 10 keywords have positive results.)
I used my own additional supported techniques to get positive results without following google guidelines which people have mentioned in their post again and again.

I can give the live examples :wink:

It would be good if you could describe them for us.

You mean a link-drop?

Thank you. It’s good to know what the figure is based on.

That’s because I believe it’s important for members to know what Google recommends, and what they advise against. They can make up their own minds whether or not to follow those guidelines, but they should be aware that ignoring them may have negative consequences. It would be irresponsible not to point this out, especially as the OP has specifically said:

How far I know about SEO I am not particularly sure how much backlinks are enough for a day but your backlinks must be relevant and from high authority sites.

There is no such thing like number of backlinks per day. Rather the thing matters if from where you are getting those backlinks. If you are getting backlinks from websites having high DA and PA then you are creating quality backlinks and your website will not be penalized. If you are creating poor backlinks or spammy backlinks then it will affect your website.

Quality links are links which benefit the site visitor, not those placed for SEO purposes.

I suggest you read this article, which explains why DA/PA alone is not an indication of link quality.

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Hi, I’m in the middel of building links to my start-up and my startegi is to have a huge digital footprint. In particular I have gone for websites where I can upload some of my creative work such as images. So far it has worked very well.

I’m not surprised because at least you “give” something back. :slight_smile:

It is harder with articles because they have been more abused for spamming purposes than images or other types of content.

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