How Many link to build per day?

Question is how many links to build per day for your home page and on many types of web-site (social media, social bookmarking, article ETC) use per day for link building , and also acknowledge some info about ranking?:cool:

You may work on any number of quality links per day. Either you will not get all the link backs or Google will not index all the backlinks on a given day. However, if you try to spam, Google will certainly penalize.
As long as the links from a quality site, you can generate any number of backlinks per day.

It is hard to give a definite number of how many new links to acquire per day. There are different factors that can go into it: how many links have you been acquiring per day historically, how many links on average do other websites in your industry/niche acquire per day, etc.

You want your link acquisition to appear natural and normal so you do not set off any flags.

So the short answer is try to maintain the link acquisition rate you have historically been obtaining and then you can slowly ramp it up daily from that. Big spikes, though not always a signal of unnatural links (ie a piece of content goes viral on your site gaining lots of links), can raise some suspicion and/or a review.

Fine , and how many types of site should I use to get back-links.
Means: Directories, Social media site , Article Site ETC.

Get as many links from different sites and types of sites as possible that are related to your site. So if you can get a link from a directory related to a topic on your site then go for it. The more diversity you have in your link profile the more natural it will look.

Its better to get few quality links than large low quality links. No need to consider about no of submissions per day, only concern about the way to get quality backlinks

I would advise that you start your link building efforts slowly (maybe 5 a day) and build this up to maybe 20 a day over a few months - the golden rule is consistency.

When i start a new site from a fresh domain i start of with about 50 links a day, these are mixed links from blog commenting (read commenting not spamming “he nice blog”) profile links, article submissions, RSS submissions and web 2.0 properties, i also make sure that my site gets regular content updates.

After about 3/4 weeks i do about 250 links a day until i got the number one spot, if necessary i will up the stakes to push it to the top of Google…

A lot of people will say if you blast a lot of links in a short period of time you will be banned or sandboxed (there is imho no such thing as a sandbox) by Google… i say nonsense to that… Thing about it; If that really was the case then people would be blowing their competition right out of the index…

Well that is the way i do it take it for what is worth…


There is not any rule to build how many links, google does not find all links in a same day or in one day. you should build quality links. and you should use all type of sites like directories,social bookmarking,articles but in high PR sites that help to get good ranking.

It would be easy to follow a certain rule for link building … but there is no such a rule.

As others posted before, I definitely would be careful with building too many links in a short time, as it would appear very unnatural.

What would be natural then?

  • get backlinks from pages related to your site
  • no bad neighborhood links
  • diversify your anchor texts
  • avoid too many link exchanges

AND very important: Build only few links at the beginning. (it´s certainly unnatural to build 100 bookmark links by day at the beginning!!! :D) Try to increase the number of links step by step.

Despite a natural link building process,
it´s also very important to get some good and high quality backlinks. If you can´t get them for free, search for them at teliad or tla.

So you think that Google is counting how many backlinks you have added today, makes me wonder how much computer power is needed to count (and keep track) of all the websites and their backlinks and the amount of backlinks one site get and also what if i blast your site because i want your spot?

No Google only looks to the quality of the links not the quantity

You can add as many you like because google doesn’t index all of them instantly. So you will have probably of xx links per day which is not so bad. Anyway, try not to exaggerate.

This article is a few years old, but I believe it is still relevant. It gives some good direction and advice on link building and how quickly to do it.

As it says in the article:
So the real answer to these questions is that it’s not about how many or how fast. It’s all about how natural.

Aggressively Seeking Links: How Much Is Too Much?

i have to build at least 800 links per week, so i manage to divide it over 5 days. i do 50 to 150 links per day :slight_smile:

If you sumbitted to get 100 links today some would never happen, some weeks and some months so its not like all 100 links would happen overnight!

it all depends of your nature of work but the main thing you should consider is consistency

i only do submissions, some of them is accepted within the day or wait for a couple days.

Its all about quality and not quantity. You can do build backlinks for your site as much as you can. But it all must be quality back links rather than building links only considering the quantity. Thanks.

Good advice - everyone else, read this carefully :cool:

If you’re getting good links in the right way (ie, because people want to link to you), googlegod will be happy with you and you will go to googleheaven. If you’re being evil and getting links that you don’t deserve, you’ll be somewhere between purgatory and googlehell.

Remember this - Google is smarter than you. Do you really think you can outwit it?

What are you saying is true, but sometime quantity can be helpful.