How does one get a site back on Google after black hat SEO?

So this guy comes to me and asks me to help him with his optimization because the last company to work on his site screwed it up. After typing his url into Google his site doesn’t even come up (not because it’s a new site). That made me think he got popped for some black hat SEO and sure enough I see that a large number of websites that are inlinking to him are also registered to the same guy. So he is creating websites to link back to his main site.Looks to me that he got busted and subsequently removed from Google as a penalty.
Does anyone know what to do to get his site back in good standing with Google?
By the way the site is coast dot com

“If” the site has been removed from the index then you have to make sure that all problems are corrected and then file a re-inclusion request with Google.

Thanks for the response. I’m not 100% sure if the site has been removed from the index. I did check the PR and it still had a ranking, but I can’t find it when I do a search. Assuming I had to file a re-inclusion with Google do you have a link on how to go about doing that?

I’m not 100% sure if the site has been removed from the index.

Neither am I. If the site is then there are lots of problems anyway. One of two possibilities: Either the company who worked on the site had absolutely no clue about SEO, or they deliberately sabotaged it. I think I’d start by getting rid of about a million words in the keyword tag. The words there should appear on the page itself. 9 or 10 would be a lot. Ah … but wait. There are really no words on the page at all except for link text. There’s little chance that this page as it is would ever rank for anything. There’s also a canonical problem. It looks like it might have an incorrect 301 redirect. There’s also a problem with the strategy …there is none.

you to have to remove all other outgoing links… then file a reinclusion request:

Are you sure it wasn’t just the google dance or was it banned?

That’s easy to solve, just do this search:

Google will return any indexed pages. Whether or not any of those pages rank or not is a different issue.

I just caught on to the keywords yesterday myself. I’m sure that doesn’t look good. I also found the sites linking to him other than the ones he owns are link farms. At this point I am thinking about scrapping the entire website and starting over. Unless there are any suggestions.

Thanks for the link. Once I clear up all the black hat issues this will be very useful.

I just found out one of my domains is backlisted too ;(
When I was a novice SEO guru I made some mistakes…lol

I think all you need to do is proceed as if this were a new site. You’re not using any dodgy techniques on-site right? So, the only problem is the dodgy IBLs and if were that easy to sink a competitor with a few links everyone would be paying that guy to do it.

The site has a bunch of backlinks but I can’t see a single one that’s got anything to do with what the sit is about. So, just make sure the site is kosher, file the re-inclusion request, and start building good quality backlinks.