How to recover my site from Google penalties

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I have a site that was ranking well in google result page in last month but now it was not in search result. I read many forum sites but not got sufficient answer. Is there any good tool that helps me to recover my site?

Did you try to contact google?

I have sent request via webmaster tool. is there any other way to contact kindly share with me.

I think that is the best and fastest way.

Has Google actually notified you of a problem through Webmaster Tools, or are you assuming you’ve suffered a penalty because of the drop in your SERPs?

I don’t understand what you mean by

Is there any good tool that helps me to recover my site?
What exactly are you looking for?

Just check your website url’s, content, linking. Just write the good quality content relevant to your website with related keywords and crawl it again. In this way, your ranking will rise again

Not if you haven’t corrected whatever caused the problem in the first place. Which is why it would be helpful to know if the OP has actually received some notification from Google, and if so, what.

Don’t waste your time. Do you really think Google is going to respond to every webmaster that is dissatisfied with his rankings? They would need to employ an army of people to do that.

The only exception is if Google has notified you of a manual penalgy AND you have fixed whatever problem caused the penalty AND you want to file a reconsider request. Even then, don’t necessarily expect a reply.


if your site really penalize then you don’t do any thing they don’t listen you. you have to buy new domain and transfer that site on that domain .may be its help you.

No, that’s not right. If they have penalised you (and it’s far from clear that’s the case), then you must fix whatever it was that caused the penalty. Transferring the same site to a new domain will simply transfer the problem; it won’t solve it.


My experience is, when this happens, it’s best to start a new website.

Check for spammy, bad links pointing to your site and then remove such links by using google disavow tool. Then start to generate fresh High PR do follow back links for your site.

The truth of the matter is that if your site get penalized, the recovery process will take a while. There is no magic formula when it comes down to getting a site out of a penalty. Even though Google recommends you to file a reconsideration, however they will likely send you a respond that their webspam have taken a look at your site and realize that there is nothing that can be seen as a violation. It’s the worst situation that you can find yourself into, you can optimize your site as much as you can you will never achieve better ranking until that penalty is removed.

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Without further details everything that can be said has been said.

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