My site:domain search in google

My site:domain search in google search gives link which doesnt exist on my site

so how do i fix this

Please submit updated sitemap in Google webmaster tools.

Already did as my plugin automatically pings google but still its not going

Submitting a new sitemap is unlikely to remove a non-existing link. Did you try the link that @m_hutley gave - in particular the one that says Remove information from Google??

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Im confuse …exactly what Ive to do in this case

A good start would be to read the article.

But of course, you now have a different problem so this thread is becoming a confusing mix of 2 separate issues.

Edit: Your site having possibly been hacked probably makes this topic of somewhat less importance for now.

You need to ask to your developer to check the entire website and if possible to updated old backup. Also you should check for the malware of any folder that doesn’t belongs to your website.

Submit your website to google search console once you discussed with your developer & do the required changes.