How To Remove Any Site From Blacklisted

Anyone can help to discuss about how to remove any website from blacklisted from google.

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Welcome to the forums, @howtodohack0.

Once you have fixed the problems with your site and you are sure it is no longer in contravention of Google’s guidelines, then you can submit a reconsideration request.

(For future reference, you should remember that it’s always easier to follow the guidelines and avoid any penalties than to try to recover from one.)

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Just google and find the case… I am sure there are many examples online where people were in the similar situations and they give step by step guide how they managed to be removed from blacklisted

If your website are blocked by google then you can make changes as per google guidelines and then request for your website to google tech team to review your website.

What was the issue that got you blacklisted in the first place? Did you succeed getting your site back on google?

First you should check your webmaster account and disavow all the irrelevant back links.

@rakeshpatidar30: you’re assuming that backlinks are the cause of the problem, but that’s not necessarily the case. @howtodohack0 needs to identify and resolve the actual issue behind the problem.

See for possible reasons why Google might take manual action against a site.

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