Are free web directories still good in SEO


The rate of free web directories are going down. The rate of social bookmarking is increasing.

I am not sure if submitting our sites to free web directories still good in seo or not.

When I submit my sites to social bookmarking sites, my sites show up under Upcoming pages immediately. However, this does not apply to web directories.

So, Are free web directories still good in SEO?


If the site has is new, submitting to directories will certainly help you, since it will give you some basic link authority and increase the crawling rate by Google.

If you want, to become no. 1 for a competitive term, submitting to a million directories will not make you reach the number 1 spot however.

If the directories are related and have high PR it will have impact in your PR. However, fast submission or directories without PR are not going to help. On the other site social networks has to be used properly and not for simple bookmarking.

If you are going to submit to directories choose ones that actually review sites and do not let every site in. Directories that allow every site in will most likely not provide much value because they operate like a link farm. Quality directories are selective of who they let in, so there is more value in them. Try to get listed in DMOZ, that can be helpful.

It could give a boost though don’t expect much. Make sure the directories you are submitting to are quality directories and try to search for directories that are relevant to your niche.

Directory submission is a crucial part of seo we can not refuse it’s role on seo, so according me directory submission in good for web promotion

I’m going to go ahead and say that free web directories do NOTHING to help you in SEO.

I recently created a basic portfolio site to house my CV. It consists of a single page, with a contact form and some basic information; nothing special. Google picked it up within mere hours of going live, with a single link on another web page. Google still continues to crawl it, despite it rarely ever being updated.

Next to all link directories have dozens of links on a page with little to no PR. Google may crawl these links, but the rate of their crawling will do nothing for you. If you want to rank well you’ll need a good site, and if you have one you’ll be linked to or Google will notice you.

There are very few niche directories that aren’t link farms for spammers. You will not gain a single worthwhile visitor through a directory, and Google will largely know that it’s nothing more than a link farm for SEO spammers.

Nonsense. SEO in itself is largely a trade built on lies and deceit. A site that submits to hundreds of link directories deserves no more visitors than a rival site that is just as good, and Google will recognise this. A hundred worthless links will do nothing and anyone looking to succeed in online business will largely ignore these trades.

Submissions in Yahoo Directory and DMoZ is an essential part of a SEO campaign.Niche directories provide authority backlinks if done carefully under the right category.I think the paid ones will get better result.

Search engines will use listings in directories in fine turning their search results, such as location, niche, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to submit to established directories under proper categories and geo locations.

Take it from ULTiMATE. I think he gave the answers OP needed.

Personally, I learned that directory submission doesn’t help your SEO. Look at the sites on the list of some directories we have and you will just see hundreds or even thousands of links which are in link farms. Consider getting links from other means. Just forget this one.

We can get the back link by free directories but not immediately. :slight_smile:

Yes, getting back-link from free directories is a tough job. some of the post here are really helpful. At the beginning it feels me necessary to do directory submission, before starting any other submission process. The first step is search engine submission and the next is directory submission. Thanks! :slight_smile:

No, submitting in free directories are always good for our domains. It will increase our backlinks too. Never do SEO based on any Search Engine Algorithm. We should do all the stuffs in SEO, because SE algorithms may change at certain time intervals.

I dnt believe in directories anymore… i have seen my backlinks being reduced due to directory submissions…

I think this thread has run it’s course as there is a lot of quoting of outdated practices here.