Is Directory Submission can be Useful?


Is Directory Submission is useful after this Google Algo update…???

Please, share your Strategy of SEO for Building Quality Backlinks … because most people have lost the Backlinks to their website after this Google Algo Update!!

I’m not really sure about this but I think yes. The Panda-Penguin updates affect how links are treated today. I think if you submit your back links to high PR sites (4 to 10) you are likely to get noticed by search engines.

Yeah, directory submission is useful but if you use quality site for submissions e.g. dofollow and high PR sites.

Can anyone have lists of High PR directories??


I think directory submission is good for getting a little extra exposure but as a sound backlink building strategy, I think it is not that effective any more. Google is looking for high quality contextual links to a site that actually provide value to a user. They don’t give a lot of weight to sites that just have thousands of links to a bunch of sites around the web.

Lots of opinions here,


thanks for the opinion…it helps me to set my strategy for SEO!!

No, we don’t allow that kind of list on here. We’re trying to save you form yourself. Don’t bother with it.

Directory Submission is worth only if url is crawl in search engine. Otherwise there is no value of directory submission. After penguin 2.0 update data entry work is not worth in SEO. So high PR submission may work for sites rank.

I actually have quite a bit of clients that ask the same question. I always tell them the same thing. If its a relevant/Natural/Local Directory, then yes. if its an seo spammy free link directory, then no! They only have value if they have traffic coming through from their urls.

had a website with too much directory submission and got hit with recent penguin update

no use in such submissions

may be use them for tier 1 or tier 2 linkings not main site

Directory Submission is not useful, no traffic from directory sites. Helps PR a little bit only.

Some good directory submissions can still be good but most of the directories are spam you just need to check the right ones to submit your website on…

Yeah, it is important. But only high page rank and related directory listing are important after penguin - panda update. So only doing high pr and related directory submission is worth, otherwise it is not.

I agree if you are submitting your Site to High PR directories of PR 3 or 3+. because submitting to low PR directories will give no benefits it just wastage of time and Energy!!!

I think according to SEO 2013 directory or bookmarking submission is a waste of time, you should focus on content marketing it helps you build naturally.

I think it doesn’t has as value now as sometimes before only some directories submission have worth like other SEO techniques, that used for building up a good links criteria. Mostly search engines don’t considered the directory submissions are very helpful for any particular site.