Directory submission advise needed

Hi there,
Please advise if It’s worth doing directory submission on websites having PR 0, and on websites whose PR is n/a.


Submit to directories where real people might see your link and want to click on it. Those are the ones that Google will value.

That might include some directories that are more industry-specialist that have low PR, because they are in a small niche. It might include more popular, high-ranking general directories. PR is largely irrelevant to Google these days* anyway, and the published PR is often several months behind the actual PR, so I really wouldn’t waste any effort worrying about it.

  • ie, since about 2005

PageRank is irrelevant to your search engine rankings as it is one of several hundred variables in the Google algorithm. By focusing on PR you’re wasting your time.

It’s also this mentality that leads people towards using directories. Directories are completely useless apart from getting a few crappy backlinks. No users ever visit them, and they tend to be built by scam artists who want to make a quick buck from the SEO crowd before they are shut down.

Search engines send out spiders to the links they find in the directory pages. This will bring the search engine spiders to your site and will get your site pages added to the search engines indexes automatically.In future, the new search engines will also follow the same procedure. Hence, you won’t have to register to them, rather they will find you themselves!

I’ve always debated whether to to some submissions but I can never bring myself to do so.

Who uses directories to search for anything? You won’t get much traffic if any…
Where your link is placed is generally on a low ranking page with a lot of other links.

Some of the bigger ones where you pay might be worth it but I still even doubt that. The thing is, whats good today, may change tomorrow.

A waste of time in my non-professional opinion but each to their own.

Well, i got a site to first page for a moderately tough keyword and it is still there since the past 3 months surviving the Panda havoc. Most of the links for that site are from directories though with different titles and descriptions. Yes, i agree there are people who want to make a quick buck and put up several directories on the same server, with same IP address. I check for that and avoid submitting to such networks, this has benefited me so far. As far as PR is concerned, in my opinion the PRs are updated at regular intervals. So any site, with low PR but good potential will get higher PR over a period of time and subsequently the links placed there will also achieve some authority.

Thank you all for replying. :slight_smile:

only quality and relevant niche directories do help in ranking unless you will get devaluated by doing junk submission

This. You don’t want to go overboard with directory submission. Only ones that are within your niche or are going to have real people visiting them. Otherwise all you are getting is a small link and PR juice.

For my why bother choosing those site with no PR. Google relatively trust those high pr ranking because of their foundation and stability.

If you are submit your website on any directory which is relevant to your website’s business category then PR does not matter as according to me it is helpful to divert more and more traffic to your website.

In my opinion, you just need to submit to any directory which is relevant to your site, dont mention to PR of those pages. Because some directory’s sites is new, but what happens after 3 or 4 months, they can become bigger and more popular. At that time, your site will have high PR from those site. Another reason is they are new, so they are easier to approve your site. It could be an opportunity for you, because once they are bigger, they will be stricter in approval.

I suggest getting into high ranked ones like Yahoo (which is paid) and other top ones, and then finding ones your competitors list in.


I would advise you that do not use PR 0 directories sites for submission as they will take around 4 month to approve your listing. So, Avoid using these sites search for high PR sites on Google and then start submission and yes, I must say that its worth doing submission on 0 PR sites.

Huh? :shifty:

I couldn’t agree you more on this, I am doing directory submission for more than 6 months. I also submitted on PR 0, they have fast approval than
with higher PR and automatically live. You will see it once it is live on their directory. Do not underestimate those sites that still have PR 0,

Directories are a great way to build links, and as several people mention you want to put them on places that people will look. I have found that directories that are manual approve work much better. Search engines seem to like the manual approval process. I guess it helps sort out the spam.

Better submit your site to niche directories that doesn’t offer to display your links alone but also include other info such as description, deep links, links to social network and RSS Feeds. Submit to high PR directories but it would be better to directories that have high traffic.