How could i Increase my follower in Twitter and Digg?

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How could i Increase my follower in Twitter and Digg?
Please share your tricks and tips.

Its very simple and easy. Search for users in your niche and follow them, they will follow you back and will be added in your followers. It is extremely important to do it within your niche otherwise no one would check your link and the whole process will become useless.

I agree with Joe. I launched a sports themed twitter page some time ago, and followed lots of people within that niche. I also interacted with them and posted regulalry. If you make your page updates interesting and informative, you will get a good response in return.

You can use applications like tweeps, twiends etc. to increase your followers on twitter & facebook. But the better way is by manual (imo).

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Yes I agree with him. Always follow the actual way. I won’t prefer to use any 3rd party websites or desktop apps for twitter. Because due to the misuse of the 3rd party apps Twitter is going to stop all their API applications.

You need to become active and very social in those areas. By participating in the networks you will begin to get more friends and followers. There is also software out there to help you increase your followers. good luck.

You have to put stuff or topics of general interest that makes sense, too.

Do update your profile perfect, then do some good submissions, promote others links, then follow them. They will follow back you sure.

You have to find and follow related niche of course post quality tweets.

The best and easiest way to increase the follower to your your profile is to follow other user in the digg and twitter , and it’s good to digg or tweet there content to make them feel get interested in your profile and follow you.

The best way is to follow others and 50% of them will follow you, but keep in mind that is not a rule:)

You require valuable tweets because most of the followers come through your tweets only.

First of all fine your topic related friends and follow them, after that share useful tweets with followers and reply to follwers and be contact everyone.

…and you can connect your twitter account to all social networking sites. In this way you don’t need to post 2 - 5 times manually since your other profile will update if for you.

Hi! You can increase your followers in twitter by using the twitspinner.

I think you have to active daily if you increase followers twitter and digg .If you should increase followers on twitter than you do fallow twitter members and retwitt. And If you should increase followers on digg than you should post daily unique.

Post information that people will be intrested in, your information will spread and more people will follow you

Being active in your niche and following like people/groups, you’ll receive quite a few more followers through a chain like reaction. Then just keep posting new and interesting information/images/etc

Keep people’s attention and draw more in

you need to know how to use #tags and try to to follow also as much as you can